Due to COVID-19, Church Services have been temporarily suspended. Please check back for monthly updates.


Worship service at 11:00 AM, Sunday Mornings.

@ The Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH

Providing a supportive, spiritual community for those seeking charitable fulfillment.

We are a small, relaxed, less-traditional Christian church. We believe all people of all faiths are on a path to heaven if they live the highest good they know.   We do not insist members adhere to a particular creed, but rather we strive to work together in a loving constructive manner, allowing our variety of beliefs to enrich the congregation.

The Church Universal is inclusive and acts in the spirit of welcoming with joy and affection, people from every ethnic origin, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, condition of health, handicap, and economic status.

“Where love unites, faith cannot divide.” – Emanuel Swedenborg

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Explore our website.  Learn what it is to be part of a Swedenborgian Church. Read our Interim Pastor’s and Lay-led weekly sermons. Read about our 200 year history in Cincinnati. Post your comments, as participation is always encouraged in our Church.

Our symbol, four interlocking squares joined by a circle, supporting a cross, depicts the linking together of God, man and the world.
It shows our belief in the correspondence between the natural and spiritual worlds.


To those of you who are searching for a spiritual home:

You are well aware there are many religions in this world, and with so many choices it can be a bit overwhelming to find a church that fits. Here are a few ideas about the New Church—a church perhaps you haven’t  heard about:

  • First, we are an open, relaxed, less traditional Christian church in our worship and love of Jesus Christ as God.  We believe all people of all faiths are on a path to heaven if they live the highest good they know. It’s what’s in your heart, not your head that matters to God.
  • Second, we believe the Bible is not just a literal document. It was written and given to us because it contains a deeper “spiritual sense” that is really about each of us.  Each story is a parable that mirrors a spiritual challenge or reality we face on our path.
  • And third, God never judges anyone. God is pure mercy and love itself. We judge ourselves by the choices we make every day in freedom. We are creating a heaven or hell within us right now by what we love and pursue in our lives.  We simply continue living after death in the way we have chosen to live here, but more completely. There is always choice.

These are a sampling of the ideas that make up The New Church. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you want more information please call (513-630-8777) or stop by for a visit! Visit us in person and feel free to stop by our Facebook page, or on Twitter @NewChurchCincy, & #SpiritualCincy, too.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Angel Window photography courtesy of Douglas Lockard