Providing a supportive, spiritual community for all seeking charitable fulfillment.

Church Services are held at 11:00 AM on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month. Services are currently online via Zoom. Please contact the church by mail if you’d like to join and receive the Zoom login info.

It can be a bit overwhelming to find a church that fits. Here are a few ideas about the New Church—a church you may not have heard about:

  • First, we are an open, relaxed, less traditional Christian church in our worship and love of Jesus Christ as God.  We believe all people of all faiths are on a path to heaven if they live the highest good they know. It’s what’s in your heart, not your head that matters to God.
  • Second, we believe the Bible is not just a literal document. It was written and given to us because it contains a deeper “spiritual sense” that is really about each of us.  Each story is a parable that mirrors a spiritual challenge or reality we face on our path.
  • And third, God never judges anyone. God is pure mercy and love itself. We judge ourselves by the choices we make every day in freedom. We are creating a heaven or hell within us right now by what we love and pursue in our lives.  We simply continue living after death in the way we have chosen to live here, but more completely. There is always choice.

These are a sampling of the ideas that make up The New Church. If you want more information please email, visit our denomination’s website, or join us via Zoom for Fellowship and Worship!

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Statement of Inclusion: The Church Universal is inclusive and acts in the spirit of welcoming with joy and affection, people from every ethnic origin, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, condition of health, handicap, and economic status.


Why does our header say “It’s not in buildings?”

This quote is the title of a pamphlet by Carol Skinner Lawson (1922-2016). Her work remarked on the early Cincinnati Swedenborgian church at Oak & Winslow Streets. That church was ultimately torn down because of eminent domain seizure for the paving of Interstate 71. She imagined the spiritually transitioned church members saying that “Temporal walls are a non-reality…” And so it is with our current church. We have had many church homes, and now we meet over zoom. But it matches what Ms. Lawson says in the pamphlet,

“This is what Swedenborg wants: a new church, the sacred space developing and growing within each man.” (Carol Hargrave Skinner Lawson)