#Swedenborg on Saturday

villageEmanuel Swedenborg, originally born Emanuel Swedberg, before his family was ennobled, by the Queen of Sweden, was an 18th century Swedish scientist, philosopher and mystic. He wrote an extensive collection of divinely inspired theological works.

Cincinnati is home to two churches of different denominations (The New Church of Montgomery and the Glendale New Church) dedicated to studying his writings and the living of useful, meaningful lives.


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Prepare to be tickled, ivories! #SundayMusic

We are very happy Linda Tafel has agreed to provide piano accompaniment for our service on Sunday. If you miss live music at church, come visit us this Sunday and raise your voice in song!  11:00 AM, 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246


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Blast from the Past:) #WeekendGuest Rev. Dick Tafel this Sunday!

Our weekend guest, Reverend Richard H. Tafel, Jr. (or Dick, to those who know him) comes from a long line of Swedenborgian ministers. Before his tenure as our minister from 1962-1989, he traveled the seas as a merchant marine. Rev. Tafel began his Swedenborgian ministries when there was still a church on Oak and Winslow (its demolition made way for the construction of Interstate 71). During his time here, there was a great focus on personal spiritual growth. This found resonance in our community and emphasized getting to know oneself and supporting one another. A lot of this philosophy remains with our church today.

Tafel was also involved in fundraising and beginning programs for youth by way of camps, and safe Friday night activities for teens. A popular wedding ministry also thrived, which at its height, blessed the unions of 100 couples a year; both straight and same-sex, with numerous wedding receptions.

Rev. Dick Tafel served as President of the denomination beginning in 1989. During that time, he and his wife Linda, brought their enthusiasm and stewardship to Ft. Myers Beach, FL, where they formed the New Church of Southwest Florida. In Florida, he instituted a grant-funded, after-school program for latch-key kids and got a chance to do some sailing. Today, he remains a faithful retired visiting minister of our church, and it’s a joy to welcome him back.

10:30 Hospitality, 11:00 AM Service


845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH.

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Church #Pride in July @JennTafel @GLSENcincinnati @glaad

hollyhocksPastor Jenn Tafel will be joining us in July to offer our service. Mark your calendars for July 16th! 10:30 AM Hospitality, 11 AM Service. 845 Congress Avenue, in Glendale, OH.

Rev. Tafel, received the Intersection Award from Michigan State University for “outstanding contributions to improving the experience of students with multiple and intersecting identities across dimensions of race, gender, and sexuality”.

Every year, at the Lavender Reception and Mosaic Awards Gala at Michigan State University (MSU), the MSU LBGT Resource Center selects a recipient for its Intersection Award. The Intersection Award acknowledges outstanding contributions to improving the experience of students with multiple and intersecting identities across dimensions of race, gender, and sexuality. This year’s recipient is Rev Jenn Tafel. She serves as the advisor for QCROSS: Queer Christians Reclaiming our Sexuality and Spirituality. Jenn has been a tireless and thankless advocate for those who are marginalized across race, gender, sexuality, and faith. She is the longest serving advisor to an LGBT Rev. Jenn Tafel Receives Award student organization at Michigan State University. She not only shows up for events that focus on queer and trans communities but has been visible and attentive to events focused on healing and combating oppression in it’s multiple forms. This year, Jenn has worked with Q-CROSS to focus more on the intersections of identity and the overlapping, compounding oppressions faced by the most vulnerable on our campus. For all of these reasons and her unwavering commitment to QCROSS, our campus, and our greater community, we are proud to present the Intersections Award to Rev. Jenn Tafel.

~from the May issue of “The Messenger,” by Bailey Krestakos, LBGT Resource Center Staffer

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Pride Month: Cincinnati #Ally Church

pride-monthAre you looking for a welcoming, open and inclusive church in Cincinnati? The New Church of Montgomery (currently meeting in Glendale) is a small congregation of open-minded people looking to do good work in our community and our world.

“In its ever-growing desire to serve all of God’s children, the General Convention (aka The Swedenborgian Church), urges Swedenborgians everywhere to acknowledge that the Church Universal is inclusive and to act in this spirit. Let no Society of the Church exclude any from membership on such considerations as ethnic origin, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, condition of health, handicap, or economic status; but seeking those who accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and who accept the essentials of faith of the Church, welcome all with joy and affection into the full and free community of the Church.”

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“The Botany of Desire,” Johnny Appleseed & #RoadTrips

johnny-appleseed-applesJohn Chapman, or Johnny Appleseed as he came to be known, was a missionary for the Swedenborgian Church, pronouncing “Good news, right fresh from heaven.” Along the way he not only planted ideas of a new way to think about Christianity, but apple seeds, which some purport, would’ve resulted in unsweet, inedible apples.  In the documentary and book, “The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World,” Michael Pollan discusses John Chapman; referring to him as a “modern-day” Dionysus, the Greek God of wine and merriment. Tart apples, once grown, would’ve been made into alcoholic cider, a safe drinking-water alternative, and popular on the frontier.

He understood he was working for the apples as much as they were working for him. -Michael Pollan.

To get a different perspective on John Chapman’s spiritual goals, the Swedenborgian Foundation interviewed Ray Silverman, who wrote “The Core of Johnny Appleseed: The Unknown Story of a Spiritual Trailblazer”.  Chapman was a shrewd, yet kind businessman who had a love for nature and his fellow human.

Johnny owned at least twelve thousand acres of land and planted numerous nurseries in nineteen counties (in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana). This kind of documentation helps to demonstrate that Johnny was not just a wandering, good-natured vagabond, but rather a skilled businessman and visionary entrepreneur who anticipated people’s needs and filled them. At the same time, it should be remembered that business was not Johnny’s primary love—it was the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem. -Swedenborgian Foundation

You can find out more about Johnny Chapman in Urbana, OH, at the Johnny Appleseed Educational Center and Museum.  There is also a Johnny Appleseed Festival in the town where, John Chapman died: Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  And, in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can see a bench (pew) likely used by Johnny Appleseed during prayer meetings, at the Glendale New Church.

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#FathersDay, #NewChurchDay this Sunday

potluckDon’t have Father’s Day plans, yet? Join the Glendale New Church on Sunday for a dual-celebration of New Church Day and Father’s Day with a Potluck Picnic.

Pastor Clark Echols’ service begins at 11 am, and the picnic goes from 12-1. BYO meat/veggie to grill and a dish to share. Drinks will be provided.

New Church Day is defined as:

The nineteenth day of June, 1770, is the most significant date in the history of the New Church. It was on this day that the Lord called together the twelve disciples who had followed Him on earth, instructed them in the Heavenly Doctrine of the New Jerusalem, and sent them out to teach that “the Lord God Jesus Christ reigns, whose kingdom shall be for ages and ages.” This was the beginning of the New Christian Church. It is often referred to as the “birthday” of the New Church, or simply “New Church Day.” ~via NewChurchHistory.org

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