“Coexist and Beyond” Service this Sunday

10:30 AM Hospitality

11:00 AM Lay-led Worship Service by Gloria Toot

845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH

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#MindfulMonday; Joy from the Rain

…the Lord will not allow anything to happen if it cannot eventually be turned to good (Secrets of Heaven #6574). Explore more about Divine Providence as we wonder about the good to come from the recent natural disasters.


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Come Glean Our Garden Today!

It’s time to take down the garden for the summer. Come and glean what you would like from what remains.

Also, join us for church today, as Guest Minister Rev. Julie Conaron discusses Divine Providence. 10:30 Hospitality. 11:00 Worship. 12:00 Gleaning

Consider it Divine Providence that you read this email this morning, and come to church in Glendale! 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246

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5 Things you didn’t know about Divine Providence


Via Swedenborg.com:

…he (Swedenborg) explains that the Lord’s goal is the formation of a heavenly community, bringing everyone—every human being on earth—into heaven. Divine providence is the way he works to do that.  Swedenborg systematically describes the way that divine providence works in our lives by condensing it into five laws:

1. We should act in freedom and in accordance with reason

2. We should reject any tendencies toward evil that we notice coming into our mind

3. We cannot be compelled to think or believe in a certain way

4. We are taught and led by the Lord, although it may appear that we are acting independently

5. We will not feel the workings of divine providence in our lives

Read explanations for these laws: here.

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#WeekendPlans: “Divine Providence” with Guest Minister, Rev. Julie Conaron

Join us Sunday with Guest Minister, Rev. Julie Conaron as she presents: “Seeing How the Lord Leads Us – Divine Providence.” She will lead us in examining how this happens in ways we see and ways we don’t.

10:30 Hospitality

11:00 Worship Service

845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246

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#WeRemember #911 and we #ChooseLove

911A lot of us probably have pictures like this in our old collections, slides from yesteryear.  This one is from mine.

I was reminded by someone yesterday that there are young folks who do not have the date of September 11, in their memories, as a day that everything stopped; a day the western world felt different.

Today we remember all the lives that were lost, and those forever affected that day and after, the people who were born on September 11th, that will not experience a birthday in quite the same way as before 2001.  Let us most remember that we have a choice to be loving in the sight of hatred, and giving, in a world that values ego, selfishness and accumulation of worldly goods.  Let us make Earth as peaceful and loving for other people now, as we hope Heaven will be when we get there.

To honor and promote peace, learn about the Alicia Titus Fund.

“Through the grieving process of losing Alicia, we now have a greater compassion for all who have suffered painful losses.” -John and Bev Titus

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Rain or Shine, it’s #ToySwap Time!


Come out and have some fun this morning in Glendale.  The rain will not rain on this parade! Grab a goodie, trade some toys, and if you’re feeling extra charitable, make a donation to Bethany House Services. See you at 10 am! 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH.NCOM_ToySwapFlyer_2018

Click for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1924038900984060/

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