#FridayFeeling What dew you know?


#FridayFeeling What dew you know? “Every dew-drop and rain-drop had a whole #heaven within it.” –#Longfellow

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#WeekendPlans, #Breathing Spells for the Soul; Music & Meditation

Please join us Sunday for


“Breathing Spells for the Soul;” Music and Meditation; a service led by Gloria Toot.

Study Group 9:30

Hospitality 10:30

Service 11:00 AM

845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246

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Happy #Toysday #ToySwap #SharingisCaring

What small, wonderful, unused, but still awesome toy do you have hiding in your closet, attic, basement, etc? Please share with others Sept 2, 2017, 10 am – 12 pm in Glendale at 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH, 45246. Kids and caregivers are welcome for this fun morning in Glendale! A Bakesale and donation box benefit Bethany House Services, women and children shelter. Any remaining toys will be given to the houses for their use. (Please launder or clean up toys and make sure they are in working order before the swap. Toys with multiple pieces can be bagged.)toyswap-monkeytoy

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#LoveYourNeighbor #Charlottesville


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“Since goodwill resides in the inner self, where benevolence is felt, and then extends into the outer self, where good actions occur, it follows that people’s inner selves are what we should love; and we should love their outer selves on the basis of their inner selves. Therefore we are to love people according to the type of goodness they have inside. It is the goodness itself, then, that is actually our neighbor.” True Christianity, para. 410  ~http://www.swedenborg.com/love-my-neighbor-do-i-have-to/

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#Happy Saturday, Be a shining Gift to the #world


Saturday Sunflower

How can you be a gift to the world today? Being kinder? Volunteering? Laughing with someone who is sad? Be here. Brighten a day!



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#FridayFeeling #PainRelief #Peace

painrelief.jpg“When we suffer physically, our soul does not suffer, it merely feels distress. After victory, God relieves that distress and washes it away like tears from our eyes.”~Emanuel Swedenborg—True Christianity 126

“It is a secret not yet known in this world that heaven, seen all at once, appears as a single human being.”~Emanuel Swedenborg

The whole world is like the human body with its various members. Pain in one member is felt in the whole body. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Wage Peace ~ MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir, composed by Jennifer Stasack

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#ThursdayThoughts; Practice #Patience


long lines at the Big Tiny Bash

no-one can find a deep sense of patience in their own strength alone…we can endure the temporary trials of life with a more patient attitude when we have a deep trust in a higher providence: this is can be thought of as a reliance on a universal spiritual force that has the power and foresight to provide what we need; the priority of this divine providence is said to be to satisfy not so much our immediate needs which often are temporary ones but rather those spiritual needs that we will continue to have in the long term – needs for example for belonging, loving relationship, and meaningful role.”

http://www.spiritualquestions.org.uk/2014/10/patience/ Copyright 2014 Stephen Russell-Lacy

The quote from poet John Donne comes to mind, “No man is an island.”


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