#Angels this #Sunday 10:30 am

Come to church on Sunday to experience wisdom from the angels in an introspective, yet open format. Sue Kern presents. Time this week 10:30.0919130100

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#Tunesday #Ella #SweetHoney

We who believe in freedom cannot rest. Written by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon and performed often by MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir. Learn more about the lyrics here.

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#MondayMotivation What would #Heaven look like for you? #Perception

This post from Huffington Post on daily practice mentions “Off the Left Eye” ‘s presentation on what heaven feels like.


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#FridayFeeling #NaturalHigh @greatparks

heron-miami-whitewater-foreIt is well known that nature can help people connect with something beyond themselves—something which can be called “the Great Spirit,” “Divine Energy,” or simply, “God.” Whatever term is used, keen-sighted scientists, philosophers and theologians have always sensed that nature, when properly read and understood, can reveal the secrets of spiritual life. As Emanuel Swedenborg has written, “the whole world of nature is a theater representative of the spiritual world.”    ~Steve Jones, Great Blue Heron

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A Good #Rain #ThursdayThoughts

Rain specifically [represents] the divine truth flowing in out of heaven, from which all things of the church and heaven with [a person] are born, grow, and are brought forth. (Apocalypse Explained §376:9) https://swedenborg.com/recap-spiritual-meaning-water/

Rain can help things grow, but it can also lead to flooding and damage. Swedenborg says that rain can symbolize either a blessing or a curse. When it’s a blessing, it represents the influence of faith in our lives and the good things that result. When it’s a curse, it represents false ideas that threaten to drown out the goodness within.



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#WeekendGuest: Rev. Jenn Tafel

Please join us for Sunday’s service with guest minister, Reverend Jenn Tafel of Michigan. WeekendGuest

Coffee hospitality begins at 10:30 AM.

Service begins at 11 AM.

845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH 45246

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Deadline Today: Ohio Association Mtg

Fill out the form and email it to Betsy Coffman or call 931-631-0899 to give the following information:

Registrant Information:

  • Adult: (names)
  • Children (Names and Ages)
  • Home Church & Contact Information (e-mail, phone) 


Room Information:

  • How many rooms will be needed?
  • Type of Room (One bed, two beds, handicapped)


Dietary Information:

Do you have any special dietary needs/restrictions ? (gluten-free, vegetarian)

Are you planning to arrive Friday and stay through the service on Sunday? Yes___No___

  • If no, please give details of arrival & departure information:

Ohio Association Flyer 2017 – Registration

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