Swedenborgian Church

The Swedenborgian church bases its teachings on the Bible as illuminated by the works of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish scientist and theologian. Swedenborg envisioned a new Christianity coming into being, revitalized by the Spirit of the Lord.

We believe that there is one God, known by many names. We worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and our God. The Christian trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are aspects of God just as soul, body, and activities are aspects of each one of us.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. In its pages we find two parallel stories: the historical account of people, places, and events; and within that account a deeper, spiritual reflection of our individual journeys. Thus the Bible is alive and fresh today, speaking to us directly and personally about our spiritual growth, and showing us the way to live better and more fulfilling lives.

We believe that people are spirits clothed with material bodies. At death our material body is put aside and we continue living in the spiritual world in our inner, spiritual body, according to the kind of life we have chosen while here on earth.

We believe that religion touches all areas of our lives. Our responsibility is to put what we believe into practice in our daily lives. All who do this, of whatever faith, are saved since they are living in the spirit of Christ’s name.

The Swedenborgian Church exists to help people be open to the Lord’s presence and leading, and to facilitate their spiritual well-being. We invite you to participate with others who are seeking to deepen their inner life and spiritual journey.

Famous Swedenborgians:

  • Helen Keller (Deaf/Blind American Author/Activist/Lecturer)
  • Johnny Appleseed (American Folk Hero, Tree Planter, Swedenborgian Missionary)
  • Robert Frost (American Poet)
  • William Blake (English artist, poet, writer)
  • William Page (American painter/portrait artist)
  • Bill Wilson (AA Founder)

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