#MindfulMonday #WinterThoughts

…spiritually, the wintertime of our elder years can be one of our greatest times of spiritual growth. In nature, seeds lie fallow in the ground through the winter, awaiting the time of germination and growth. As spiritual beings, the wintertime of our elder years can be a time of contemplation and reflection, in which we look back over all the events and experiences of our life, and begin to understand what it was all about.

Perhaps more than any other time, our elder years are when we focus most on the ultimate meaning of our life, and enjoy the spiritual fruits of all the labors of our childhood, youth, and middle age. They are also a time when we can pass on the wisdom we have developed to the younger generations coming along behind us.

-Lee Woofenden https://leewoof.org/2014/09/23/seasons-of-life/