#PsalmOfTheDay: Psalms 100 + 101

Psalm 100, New Living Translation

Spiritual Translation of Psalm 100 in Science of Correspondences.

Knowledges of truth and good are signified by gates. They also signify introductory truths, which are knowledges from the Word. R. 899.

Psalm 101, New Living Translation

Spiritual Translation of Psalm 101 in Science of Correspondences.

6-8. By sincerity are meant also integrity, justice, faithfulness, and uprightness. A man cannot be in these from himself so as to love them from themselves and for their own sake. But he is in them who shuns the various forms of fraud, cunning, and deceit as sins, and he is thus in them not from himself but from the Lord. This the Lord teaches in many passages. Life 84.

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Guest Minister Rev. Julie Conaron #Cincinnati #Sunday

10:30 am, Hospitality; 11:00 am Worship

“Fear runs a large part of our lives, and there’s much fear in the Word. How do we cope with this debilitating feeling in our
lives?” -Julie Conaron

Sunday, August 4, 2019

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#WeekendPlans w/Rev. Julie Conaron #Cincinnati #Sunday “Be Not Afraid”

“Fear runs a large part of our lives, and there’s much fear in the Word. How do we cope with this debilitating feeling in our

Meet us Sunday, August 4, 2019, for hospitality at 10:30 am and church at 11, with Guest Minister, Rev. Julie Conaron.

845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246

#ThursdayTheology: Did we miss The Last Judgment?

Read more to get Swedenborg’s view on the Last Judgment and how he interprets The Word. You can also watch Swedenborg and Life‘s piece on The Last Judgment.

It has been granted to me to see with my own eyes, that the Last Judgment is now accomplished; that the evil are cast into the hells, and the good elevated into heaven, and thus that all things are reduced into order, the spiritual equilibrium between good and evil, or between heaven and hell, being thence restored…It was granted to me to see all these things with my own eyes, in order that I might be able to testify of them. This Last Judgment was commenced in the beginning of the year 1757, and was fully accomplished at the end of that year {Swedenborg, LJ, No 45).

Those who have not known the spiritual sense of the Word, have understood that everything in the visible world will be destroyed in the day of the Last Judgment; for it is said, that heaven and earth are then to perish, and that God will create a New Heaven and a New Earth. In this opinion they have also confirmed themselves because it is said, that all are then to rise from their graves, and that the good are then to be separated from the evil, with more to the same purport. But it is thus said in the sense of the letter of the Word, because the sense of the letter of the Word is natural, and in the ultimate of Divine order, where each and every part contains a spiritual sense within it. For which reason, he who comprehends the Word only according to the sense of the letter, may be led into various opinions, as indeed has been the case in the Christian world, where so many heresies have thus arisen, and every one of them is confirmed from the Word. But since no one has hitherto known, that in the whole and in every part of the Word there is a spiritual sense, nor even what the spiritual sense is, therefore they who have embraced this opinion concerning the Last Judgment are excusable. But still they may now know, that neither the visible heaven nor the habitable earth will perish, but that both will endure; and that by “the New Heaven and the New Earth” is meant a New Church, both in the heavens and on the earth. It is said a New Church in the heavens, for there is a church in the heavens, as well as on the earth; for there also is the Word, and likewise preachings, and Divine worship as on the earth; but with a difference, that there all things are in a more perfect state, because there they are not in the natural world, but in the spiritual; hence all there are spiritual men, and not natural as they were in the world. That it is so, may be seen in the work on Heaven, in a special article there, on the Conjunction of Heaven with man by the Word (n. 303-310); and on Divine Worship in Heaven (n. 221-227).