#Charity Day to Day #CincyDiscussions

Practical Spirituality Discussion Group.  The current topic is “CHARITY”.  Our main interest is to discover what charity really is in terms of day to day living in the modern world, and how to practice it.  What are the pitfalls and benefits?  Do we, or should we, all approach it the same way?  A man named Emanuel Swedenborg says, “The ‘first’ of charity is to look to the Lord and shun evils because they are sins….”  Huh?  Well, yes, he can be a difficult author and definitely provides a theological slant.  We will be looking at what he probably means and how he explains it as part of our exploration.  We’ll try to apply Swedenborg and resources from a variety of traditions as we exchange opinions and explore this subject.

Our meeting this Thursday evening is at 6:30 PM in Mason and is open to newcomers.  We thrive on variety!  If you’re interested call (513) 630-8777 and leave a call back number if you don’t get an answer.  We can get you directions to the meeting place.