#WeekendPlans: Church today with Rev. Bollinger 9/18/22, 11 am

Rev. Dagmar Bollinger will be our guest minister for our September 18th, Sunday virtual service. Rev. Dagmar has retired from a chaplaincy position at hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has started a new ministry combining gardening, culinary training, and neighborhood pastoring.

This Sunday’s worship, titled “Food and Its Spiritual Significance for Our Age” will introduce us to the budding and sprouting of “Soulefood.” We will explore the spiritual meaning of food in our lives, and as used in scripture, and the moral imperative to return to reverence for and stewardship of God’s creation. Should be interesting, and it fits right in with our own ministry initiatives!


The Zoom link was provided to church members in their email. They may share it with their contacts. Alert Gloria of any prospective attendees.

Overhead picture of diced onions and red, green and yellow peppers in a steel pot. (c) Maggie Panyko

Below, you will find the bulletin for today’s service.