#PsalmOfTheDay: Psalm 99

Psalm 99, New Living Translation

Spiritual Translation of Psalm 99 in Science of Correspondences.

Footstool is the Divine truth beneath heaven, such as is the Word in the literal sense, for upon this the Divine truth in heaven, which is the Word in the internal sense, leans and as it were stands. A. 9166.

#Tunesday: “Bread and Roses” Music and Voting Rights

Read the history of this, first poem, then song, “Bread and Roses.” Our local women’s choir, MUSE, sings the song based on the theme.

Not at once; but woman is the mothering element in the world and her vote will go toward helping forward the time when life’s Bread, which is home, shelter and security, and the Roses of life, music, education, nature and books, shall be the heritage of every child that is born in the country, in the government of which she has a voice.

— Helen Todd, 1910.[1]