Worship Theme for 10/18: “When Tragedy Strikes…”

Oct. 18th, 2020, Guest Minister Kit Billings’ Zoom worship theme will be: “When Tragedy Strikes, Love Attends and Never Loses Sight of Life’s Goal”
No matter who we are, what our background may be, and how fortunate we’ve been in life, at various times in life tragic things happen to us or to someone we love. Why does a divinely loving and wise God allow or permit bad things to happen in life (such as a worldwide pandemic)? How would you answer this vital question? Could it be because out of purest love and wisdom, the Lord’s great, complex system of gradual salvation must protect our freedom to believe in His divine presence and support…or, to not believe? How is your faith journey going lately, when tragedy strikes?

#WeekendPlans: #VirtualChurch w/Rev. Kit Billings

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, we will have zoom church at 11:00 am with Rev. Kit Billings from the LaPorte New Church. Title to follow.

The zoom sessions with visiting ministers are always especially nice because our congregations have the rare chance of worshipping together.

Please join us for this special October Sunday. Zoom link will be emailed and may be shared with friends.

Overcoming Divisiveness w/ #RevKit #ChurchAt11

Today’s Worship Service is entitled, Overcoming Divisiveness”.

Delve into your own spiritual calling to foster harmony and new growth. When you are challenged by what appears to be a broader divide in society, or when you’re experiencing conflicts within yourself or in your family’s life, follow a pathway of faith, and trust in the Lord.

When struggles and anxiety are in your life, give yourself the tools to find a sense of balance and harmony.

  • Service: 11:00 am, (Hospitality beforehand at 10:30 am) with
  • Guest Minister, Kit Billings
  • Location: 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246
  • #FridayFeeling: 400 Years and Still Not Right

    This month, we remember…that 400 years ago, enslaved Africans were sold and forced onto boats to land here and work here without pay or basic human rights; on what would become the United States.

    We struggle still, to become “United” and to overcome divisions that threaten to separate us. Divisions that were created in this de-humanizing of our brothers and sisters still exist. Working to end bigotry and hatred and the undervaluation of human life and labor is an ongoing battle.

    What can we do to overcome? What can we do to build everyone up? What can we do to love our fellow human? Keep working towards the goal. It doesn’t end because we’re not as barbaric as we were hundreds of years ago. The barbs exist in our words and in our actions. Love others, be wise and do good on the earth, for all. Each day.

    • This Sunday, September 1, the topic of Guest Minister, Rev. Kit Billings’ Service is “Overcoming Divisiveness“.
    • Hospitality time begins at 10:30 am, Worship Service at 11:00 am.
    • We meet at the Glendale New Church: 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH.

    #WeekendPlans: Guest Minister, Kit Billings 9/1/19

    The theme for this Sunday’s service will be “Overcoming Divisiveness,” delving into our spiritual calling to foster harmony and new growth when we are challenged by what appear to be broader divides in society, or when we’re experiencing conflicts within ourselves or in our family’s life.

    It’s about following a pathway of faith and trust in the Lord when struggles and anxiety are in our lives and we need to find a sense of balance and harmony.

    • Location: 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246
    • Hospitality: 10:30 am
    • Service: 11:00 am, with Guest Minister, Kit Billings

    Outer Banks sunrise

    #WeekendPlans – Rev. Kit Billings “Back Toward Safety, or Forward Into Growth?”


    Join us Sunday, at 845 Congress Avenue in Glendale, OH; 10:30 am Hospitality, 11:00 am Worship. Reverend Kit Billings if LaPorte, Indiana, will deliver our service.

    Part of spiritual growth is to acknowledge that God calls us out of our usual “comfort zones” into greater love and faithful servanthood. Both in the Old Testament and from the Lord’s own words in John 3:14-21, we hear the importance of lifting up the bronze serpent and of lifting up Christ in daily life. In Swedenborgian thought, serpents symbolize the natural-sensual aspects of self. While walking in the desert, the ancient Hebrews complained a lot, and wanted to fall backward into their “comfort zone” of living in Egypt. Where are you, perhaps, tending to fall backward into old “comfort zones,” rather than moving forward into new growth? In your way of life now, how can you move a bit more out of the darkness and into the Light of love and truth?