#PrettyPicMonday Sun Worship

Via https://swedenborgstudy.com/books/H.Lj.Odhner_Creation/Odhner-creat2.html

The angels, whose idea Swedenborg here records, also said that “from that Sun as a great center, there proceed circles, one after another and one from the other even to the last, where there is an end of them (ubi finis illorum) and they subsist at rest; and that these circles – of which one is from another and one after the other, appearing as extended far and wide – are spiritual atmospheres, which are full of the heat and light from their Sun, and through which [this Sun] propagates itself even to the ultimate circle; and that in the ultimate, by means of those atmospheres and afterwards by means of natural atmospheres which are from the sun of the world, there takes place the creation of the earth and of all things on it which are of use; which creation is afterwards continued through generations from seeds, in wombs or in eggs. . . .”

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“There is something rejuvenating in the possession of Zen. The spring flowers look prettier, and the mountain stream runs cooler and more transparent. The subjective revolution that brings about this state of things cannot be called abnormal. When life becomes more enjoyable and its expanse broadens to include the universe itself, there must be something in satori that is quite precious and well worth one’s striving after.”
D.T. Suzuki, An Introduction to Zen Buddhism


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