#WomensHistoryMonth/#TBT: Florence Murdoch

Florence Murdoch was born June 14, 1887 in Lakewood NY to James Riley Murdoch and Florence Carlisle Murdoch. Although she was born in Lakewood NY, she lived her entire life in Cincinnati OH.

Newspaper article w/photo of Florence Murdoch and Crayon Drawings “Magniflora Americana”
Newspaper article

She was a member of the American Artists Professional League, the Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Crafters Club.

She exhibited annually in the Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati’s annual art show for many, many years. She had 16 solo shows between 1942-1960, including at the New York Botanical Gardens (1942), Ohio State Museum (1945), Missouri Botanical Gardens (1955), Boston Museum of Science (1956), and Dayton Museum of Natural History (1960).

Florence Murdoch is listed in Who’s Who in American Art (Gilbert, 1947 & 1959), Dictionary of Women Artists: An International Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900 (Petteys, 1985), and Who Was Who in American Art 1564-1975 (Falk, 1999). She has an illustrated article in the January 1932 issue American Magazine of Art titled “Trailing the Bestiaries”.
In 1957, she was awarded an Ohioana Library Award for her drawings in an historical calendar.

Professionally, she taught art and crafts at various private schools and camps, including several years as art instructor at Oakhurst Collegiate School in Cincinnati, and as a crafts instructor at Camp Boulder Point in Inlet NY. She was also the organizer and director of the Junior Artist Clubs in Cincinnati.

Although she was known as a landscape painter in oils later in life, earlier on, she specialized in watercolors, floral crayon drawings, and the restoration of art objects. Her “Magniflora Americana” (attached photo), a series of crayon drawings of tiny native flowers drawn ten times life size, was widely exhibited and made her name known. It was also displayed at the Cincinnati New Church in April 1962. Some of the flowers in this series were so small that she viewed them through a 30X microscope while she painted.

Florence Murdoch worked alongside her mother for over 30 years to preserve Cedar Bog in Urbana OH. In 1942, six years after her mother’s death, Cedar Bog Nature Preserve became the first nature preserve in Ohio to be purchased with state funds. It is a National Natural Landmark, and ranks the highest of any
site in Ohio on the Floristic Diversity Index for its wide variety of plant species. The “Florence Murdoch Papers” collection at the Ohio History Connection, contains the two women’s correspondence, newspaper clippings, and documents about their historic work to preserve this site.

Information compiled by Mary Ann Fischer

References: https://remarkableohio.org/index.php?/category/172

#PsalmOfTheDay: Psalm 60

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Psalm 60, New Living Translation

arid barren clay cracks

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

1 You have rejected us, O God, and broken our defenses.
You have been angry with us; now restore us to your favor.
2 You have shaken our land and split it open.
Seal the cracks, for the land trembles.
3 You have been very hard on us,
making us drink wine that sent us reeling.
4 But you have raised a banner for those who fear you—
a rallying point in the face of attack. Interlude
5 Now rescue your beloved people.
Answer and save us by your power.
6 God has promised this by his holiness:
“I will divide up Shechem with joy.
I will measure out the valley of Succoth.
7 Gilead is mine,
and Manasseh, too.
Ephraim, my helmet, will produce my warriors,
and Judah, my scepter, will produce my kings.
8 But Moab, my washbasin, will become my servant,
and I will wipe my feet on Edom
and shout in triumph over Philistia.”
9 Who will bring me into the fortified city?
Who will bring me victory over Edom?
10 Have you rejected us, O God?
Will you no longer march with our armies?
11 Oh, please help us against our enemies,
for all human help is useless.
12 With God’s help we will do mighty things,
for he will trample down our foes.


#Sunday: Attend Evening Service; 7pm, 11/24/19. No Morning Service.

Dear Congregation,

This Sunday, November 24, 2019, The Glendale New Church is hosting:

The Glendale Community Service at 7 pm at the Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale.  In light of this, and our visiting minister’s need to attend urgent pastoral duties in Canada,

Our 11 am Morning Service for Sunday, 11/24/19, has been Cancelled.

Hope to see you all Sunday evening.


#WeekendPlans “Wrestling with God and Receiving Justice” @JennTafel

Join us Sunday, October 19, 2019, in welcoming back Guest Minister, Rev. Jenn Tafel.

10:30 Hospitality, 11:00 am Worship; @ The Glendale New Church 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH 45246

Rev. Jenn will examine:

Bible Verses:

OT:      Genesis 32: 22-31

NT:      Luke 18: 1-8

…and discuss how “often when we hear stories or have personal experience in wrestling with God it’s rare to hear that there was an immediate outcome…or one that could be defined at all.

This week’s message will focus on the stories of Jacob wrestling “with a figure through the night” and the persistent widow. Have you wrestled with God? Have you fought for justice? What inspires you to seek justice and answers?

Sermon Title: “Wrestling with God and Receiving Justice”

Quilts by Artist and Mathematician, Chawne Kimber; Mathematics Chair and Professor at Lafayette College @cauchycomplete


“I Can’t Breathe” and “I Am Still Not Free” Quilts by Chawne Kimber On Display at Lafayette University https://cauchycomplete.wordpress.com/




Guest Minister Mitchell, this Sunday

Enjoy a beautiful weekend with our visiting Minister, Reverend Jonathan Mitchell.

Rev. Mitchell will be offering the Sunday service at 10:30 AM, September 4th, 2016, at the New Church of Montgomery’s current location of 845 Congress Avenue in Glendale, OH.

Swedenborg Study Group is at 9:30 AM

Hospitality begins at 10:00 AM

Sunday school is also available for families with school age and pre-k children.

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