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#MondayMorning #FindWhatsInside

…and make it work for the world. Everything, everyone has a purpose.

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#MindfulMonday; Joy from the Rain

…the Lord will not allow anything to happen if it cannot eventually be turned to good (Secrets of Heaven #6574). Explore more about Divine Providence as we wonder about the good to come from the recent natural disasters.  

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#WednesdayWisdom, Swedenborg & Linnaeus

Today is the anniversary of Carl Linnaeus’ death, in 1778, the botanist responsible for the scientific naming convention, binomial nomenclature. Linnaeus was Emanuel Swedenborg’s cousin by marriage. “Neither Linnaeus nor Swedenborg sensed any contradiction between their early modern world-view and … Continue reading

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The natural and the spiritual #SaturdaySerenity

In the natural world, the variety of climates is relative to the distance of the sun from the equator; in the spiritual world this variety is produced by the distance, greater or less, between the affectations of the will, and … Continue reading

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