#MothersDay2021: Our Mothers’ Divine Love & Wisdom

Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts

Looking for a way to think about the Divine Feminine that is often lacking in spiritual traditions? Check out The Swedenborgian Community Online‘s presentation from Mother’s Day 2021 beginning with Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts.

#MothersDay2019 Reflections and Rainbows

We know that mothering take many forms.  Some have not had a strong mother figure in their lives, some are trying to be a mother and can’t conceive, some have adopted or fostered children, taken other kids or students under their motherly wing, some can’t be a good mother because of addiction, illness, trauma, poverty or lack of self-care, and some moms feel pretty good about the job they’re doing.  Such a wide spectrum under the Mom rainbow; with brightness and shadows.

Celebrating Mothering is an important idea.  Of course, it’s important to honor your mother all year long, instead of just on a single day.  It’s a commandment, after all;) The buildup to this day is fraught with preparations, timing, and living up to a standard of brunches, cards and visits. But, that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about love; like most other holidays are.  Loving and honoring.

So today,  pause and think about mothers. Support them and love them. Value them. Forgive them for their mistakes, they are human and not infallible.  Through inspiration and the influx of Divine Love and Wisdom, find the light in each human being, and celebrate the moms of the past, future and of this day.



#WeekendPlans #MothersDay

Enjoy your Sunday, (we do not have church this weekend) and while you’re at it, celebrate mothering!

Mother, Mom, Madre, Mäe, Ahm, Mum, Ema, Nana, Maji, Maman, Okaasan, Motina, Mat, 母亲, aHa, मां, แม่

No matter the language you use, “Mother” means love, comfort, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness and understanding. These are all qualities we find in God. Celebrate the Divine Human found in being motherly, no matter your gender. Spread these aspects of humanity to the world, and to the people in it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Celebrate these women: #HappyMothersDay

While not all these women may be mothers, they act as mothers would; as role models, as people who guide us spiritually, as people whom we can confide in, and as leaders in our churches and communities.

Happy Mother’s Day from the New Church of Montgomery; celebrating the Divine Feminine in a very real way.

These are just a few of the faces of women in ministry in our larger church. To add someone to the montage, please email newchurchofmontgomery@gmail.com

#ThursdayTheology Seeking The #DivineFeminine

Very often women don’t feel a part of the worldly scheme as it relates to religion.  Many major religions leave women out of leadership roles and keep them from ministerial pursuits. Yet, the feminine exists. To deny it would be eliminating a part of God’s creation. Emanuel Swedenborg gives male and female attributes to creation.

Here are some viewpoints from the Swedenborgian Community Online and Rev. Solomon Keal on the “Divine Feminine”. I hope you will honor your Divine Feminine.yinyang-ncom

#Tunesday: Share this @CinciMUSEChoir song with Mom for #MothersDay

Just as the Swedenborgian Church of North America welcomes and celebrates women’s roles in the church as ordained ministers, so do we celebrate a woman’s strength and voice with this great song by MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir for Mother’s Day:

Lyrics copyright Betsy Rose:

by Betsy Rose

Well, I’m a gray-haired woman and I’m comin’ into my years
I’m a weathered woman and I’m comin’ into my years
No more holding back, no more tryin’ to please
Got the will and the power to get off my knees.

I’m an aging woman and I’m comin’ into my years.

I’m a street-wise woman and I’m comin’ into my prime
I’m a fight-back woman and I’m comin’ into my prime
No more shrinking with fear when they whistle and jeer
I got a fist that’s hard, a mind that’s clear.

I’m a night-walk woman and I’m comin’ into my prime.

And I’m a loud mouthed woman and I’m comin’ into my voice
I’m a talk-back woman and I’m comin’ into my voice
Cause there’s an ocean of words got caught in my throat
Gonna let loose the waters and learn how to float.

I’m a sing-out woman comin’ into my voice.

And I’m a fighting woman and I’m comin’ into my strength
I’m a make-change woman and I’m comin’ into my strength
I won’t save the world, I won’t drain my song
But I’ll fight any battle that’ll move us along.

I’m a far-sighted woman comin’ into my strength.

I’m a loving woman and I’m comin’ into my all.
I’m a heart-beat woman and I’m comin’ into my all.
Well I’ll go for passion, I’ll go for strength
I’ll go for the moment and I’ll go for the length

I’m a give-take woman and I’m comin’ into my all.