#WeekendPlans: Keep Moving Forward w/Rev. Machiniak 8/7/22

Please join us Sunday, August 7, 2022, for an entirely virtual (zoom) presentation on the theme: Keep Moving Forward, with Rev. Renée Machiniak. Fellowship begins at 10:30 am, worship at 11:00 am.

Rev. Machiniak will present a sermon entitled “A Scary Crossing”.

Do you ever panic in fear, try to escape from your circumstance and feel trapped? When we are taking our first spiritual steps to make positive change in our lives, sometimes our ego begins to change its mind and we feel overwhelmed. This is a common experience. Moses, the truth within, speaks to us strongly. Join us as we explore higher truths that will assist our understanding when we are ready to “cross over the Red Sea” to a new land, a better life waiting for us.

Rev. Renée Machiniak
Sound Sunset by Marguerite Panyko 2022