We are the opposite of the Megachurch. And it’s ok. #smallwonder

Things you find in a megachurch: numerous people, anonymity, big voices, one main charismatic pastor, multiple service times, a big rockin’ band.

Things you will find at our church: faces you recognize week after week, a feeling of community, acceptance of people of all faiths and walk of life, visiting ministers from all over the country and lay-people who have great things to say, gifts of music from small sources (children and grown musicians in our church, or a song that really touches someone they found through the internet.)

How are we the same as a megachurch? We seek goodness, we want to do right by others, we want to be in service to the community. If you’ve tried a megachurch and there’s still something missing, if you are looking for an open and safe place to worship in Cincinnati, a place that accepts diversity in all its forms, if you are looking for voices that recognize your idea of a loving God, then you just may have found your home.

watering in the church garden

nurturing growth