#WeekendPlans: 4/30/23 “The Return of the Light” w/Pete Toot

This Sunday, the theme of the message is “The Return of the Light.” Not by accident is that it is also the theme of May Day, or Beltane, the ancient celebration of the beginning of summer, still celebrated with bonfires, dancing, and rituals from pagan spirituality and Christian practices.

Join us via Zoom this Sunday, 4/30/23, 11 am, with lay-leader, Pete Toot, as we take a look at the wheel of the seasons of the year, and explore the inner meaning of seasons and their connection with spiritual growth. Join us as we dive into some of Emanuel Swedenborg‘s correspondences and what the Bible can tell us on these things that seem strangely connected. Link provided to church members and their guests.

ribbons on a maypole. Photo by Chaman Kumar on Pexels.com