Worship Theme for 10/18: “When Tragedy Strikes…”

Oct. 18th, 2020, Guest Minister Kit Billings’ Zoom worship theme will be: “When Tragedy Strikes, Love Attends and Never Loses Sight of Life’s Goal”
No matter who we are, what our background may be, and how fortunate we’ve been in life, at various times in life tragic things happen to us or to someone we love. Why does a divinely loving and wise God allow or permit bad things to happen in life (such as a worldwide pandemic)? How would you answer this vital question? Could it be because out of purest love and wisdom, the Lord’s great, complex system of gradual salvation must protect our freedom to believe in His divine presence and support…or, to not believe? How is your faith journey going lately, when tragedy strikes?

#FridayFeeling #VisitUs this Sunday

This Sunday’s message inspires us with true stories of how gentleness
transforms our lives and reminds of the power of our Lord’s gentle strength
as we face challenging times in our world burdened with violence and hate.

We will consider ways to subdue a harsh nature and develop gentleness as we
strive to grow spiritually and work for peace in the world.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

10:30 am: Hospitality

11:00 am: Service

Guest Minister, Rev. Renée Machiniak