#WeekendPlans: “God’s Well of Living Water” w/ @ChaplainSherrie

Please join us for a Zoom church service with Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly this Sunday, March 12, 2023. Fellowship begins at 10:30 am; Worship Service at 11:00 am. The title of her service is “God’s Well of Living Water.” Remember to “Spring Forward” and set your clocks an hour ahead! (Zoom link will be provided to church members and their contacts.)

Photo by Dmitriy Ganin on Pexels.com Woman’s hand touching water on the surface of a fountain causing a ripple

#MindfulMonday; We Are Responsible

“But the only possible guarantee of the future is responsible behavior in the present.” – Wendell Berry


Everyone knows on the basis of the Word and teachings drawn from it that from the time we are born our self-centeredness is evil and that this is why we have an inborn compulsion to love evil behavior and to be drawn into it. We are deliberately vengeful, for example; we deliberately cheat, disparage others, and commit adultery; and if we do not think that these behaviors are sins and resist them for that reason, we do them whenever the opportunity presents itself, as long as our reputation or our wallet is not affected.

Then too, we really enjoy doing such things if we have no religion.

Since this self-centeredness is the taproot of the life we lead, we can see what kind of trees we would be if this root were not pulled up and a new root planted. We would be rotten trees that needed to be cut down and thrown into the fire (see Matthew 3:107:19).

This root is not removed and a new one put in its place unless we see that the evils that constitute it are harmful to our souls, and therefore want to banish them. However, since they are part of our self-centeredness and therefore give us pleasure, we can do this only reluctantly and in the face of opposition, and therefore by doing battle. ~Swedenborg, Life; 92-93

#WeekendPlans and #SpiritualityForLife Tonight!

flower-balletIf you’re in the Dayton/Springboro area, please join us tonight at Dorothy Lane Market for a discussion group entitled “Spirituality for Life”.

Also, this weekend, local, guest minister Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly leads our service, in Glendale, entitled “The Law and the Profits.”