Catching Up-Land Blessing Service

Last Sunday, we shared some time together at the Kemper Road land. We decided that we needed to give it a fond farewell, a thank you for what we’ve received and will receive when the land sells; a nod to our history and a promise to go forward. “St. Joseph” came along as a reminder of our family and our home that while changing over the years, has grown and brought us to new people and new approaches.

We were lucky to have three children with us to remind us of youth and of our future. They enjoyed the land, climbing the cherry tree and helping to plant our statue. Rev. Sherrie brought along some poetic verse about land and God’s place in all things; reading that was shared like breaking bread. We heard history of our ancestors through Mary Ann, and we got lots of fun pictures!

Afterwards, we celebrated with a potluck in Weller Park, in Montgomery, OH. A few old friends showed up, too! Great to see Val and Marty again and in good health.

We look forward to selling the land and we bless the new feet that walk there.