Celebrations and Reunions

Thanks so much, everyone, for celebrating this beautiful Sunday with us. We called to mind what home meant to us: feeling that it is in our hearts, in people we love, and in settings from our life. We prayed for those distant from us to be brought into the home of our hearts!

What a special day to enjoy a beautiful sermon by Rev. Sherrie, good food and conversation, and to appreciate the contributions of 50-year church members and leaders, Pete and Gloria Toot. $350 was raised in their honor to do good works in the church and community!

Bob, Elsie, Marilyn, Sylvia, Larry

Gloria, Kris, Bob, Sherrie

Mary Ann, Janice Marie

Brenda, Tony, Clark

Gloria T, Sandy, Len, Nancy, Frank

Appreciation Banner

Gloria, Shannon, Gloria, Kris, Jack, Len, Rev. Sherrie

Frank, Eileen, Pete, Len

Clark, Tony

Frank, Nancy, Gloria, Pete