#Tunesday “City Called “Heaven” @cincimusechoir

African American Spiritual, performed by MUSE, Cincinnati’ Women’s Choir

Video Credit: Kathy ZB

Lyrics: “City Called Heaven”

I am a poor pilgrim of sorrow, I’m tossed in this wide world alone
No hope have I for tomorrow, I’ve started to Heaven my homeSometimes I am tossed and I’m driven, Lord
Sometimes I don’t know where to roam
I’ve heard of a city called Heaven
I’ve started to make it my homeMy mother has reached that pure glory
My father’s still walkin’ in sin
My brother and sister won’t own me
Because I’m tryin’ to get in

Sometimes I am tossed and I’m driven, Lord
Sometimes I don’t know where to roam
I’ve heard of a city called Heaven
I’ve started to make it my home

Sometimes I am tossed and I’m driven, Lord
Sometimes I don’t know where to roam
I’ve heard of a city called Heaven
I’ve started to make it my home

#UpForDiscussion: Heavenly Topics, #Sunday

Join Lay-Leader, Eileen Franz, and the rest of our congregation, this weekend, as we explore the topic of government in heaven.

Wondering what that means? We will discuss it on Sunday at 11 am; 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale New Church.

Come early for goodies and coffee/tea at 10:30.

Use this #MindfulMonday trick: Regeneration

narcissus-ncomIt’s Monday.  The weather’s a little blah, you woke up tired, your cat made a mess on the floor, there’s something nagging your brain.  How has your week begun?  Did you yell at your spouse or kids, blame someone else for a mistake you made, have thoughts that were other than kind?  These are the things that can set us back. But they don’t have to.

Regeneration is a sensible Swedenborgian concept that all people can incorporate into their lives to help move humanity forward, spiritually. After all, we all know how one person can affect everyone around them.  In not only recognizing our wrongs, but examining ourselves, praying, and vowing to do better, we are on our way to a better week and a better heaven.

Read more about regeneration or even watch a cool video on Spiritual Detoxing from the Swedenborg Foundation.

Church and Community


The Church is all the cells that comprise what Emmanuel Swedenborg calls “the Universal Human” (or “Grand Man” in some older translations)—the Church on earth as well as in the heavens with God as the head. All the people who choose good and who reflect God’s image in their acts of love to the neighbor are the Church.

“It is worthy of note that just as heaven as a whole presents itself as one entire human being, which is therefore called the Grand Man, .. so each community in a similar way presents an image of a human being. For the image of heaven as a whole imprints itself on communities and makes them similar to itself, and not only on communities but also on the individual persons within a community. This is where the individuals get their human form from, for each person in an angelic community is heaven in the smallest form it takes. Variations in their human form are determined by the kind of good and truth with them, which explains why each spirit and angel is seen in a form exactly matching his thoughts and affections that he communicates to communities round about. This being so, the more that spirits and angels are governed by goodness and truth, the more beautiful is their human form. “~~Emmanuel Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia, n. 6605 (Elliott, trans.)

#WednesdayWisdom ~Angels & Sharing

NewChurch-Twitter…Heaven is where everyone shares everything of value…

“The intelligence and wisdom of one individual is shared with another…the very nature of heavenly love is to want what is one’s own to belong to another; so no one in heaven regards his or her good as authentically good unless it is someone else’s as well.” ~Swedenborg Foundation

Sunday’s Topic: Religions Existing in Heaven


This Sunday at 845 Congress Avenue in Glendale, Lay-leader Eileen Franz will present our Informal Church service with the Off the Left Eye episode,

“How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven”.

  • Swedenborg Study Group will meet at 9:30 AM
  • Hospitality Coffee and Snacks begin at 10:30 AM
  • & Church “TV Service” begins at 11:00 AM.

Join us for stimulating book discussion (even if you haven’t seen the book before, you can listen in and participate,) filling our tummies and challenging our preconceived ideas of Heaven!