Shine Your Light this Happy Halloween, #Cincinnati

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

As the ancient Celts celebrated the end of the Harvest and the beginning of the dark part of the year, let us remember that each of us has the responsibility to bring light to our day and to that of others.

Please consider bringing your “light” to our Harvest Feast, this November 18, at 11 am at the Glendale New Church. RSVP with what you are bringing to .

Our Church will provide the turkey at the potluck feast.

We are Family: Partake in the Feast


Please join us Sunday, Nov. 18th at the Glendale New Church for our annual Harvest Feast.

If you are new to our church, this is a time where we come together to share a meal and count our blessings; we value each other!  You are welcome to bring something to share to contribute to the meal, or to just come chat and eat!

We will enjoy a short service at 11 a.m., by our visiting minister, Rev. Jenn Tafel, Religious Advisor for Q-CROSS at Michigan State University. Afterwards, we will feast and enjoy a time of fellowship!


A good time was had by all #MondayMirth

Sometimes it’s nice to dwell on the past; especially when it involves good food and company! Here are some pictures from our Harvest Feast yesterday. We had a great turnout and there were lots of scrumptious dishes to share. Rev. Jenn Tafel’s service cultivated our thoughts and engaged us in the idea of spirituality as a garden; we became seeds, cracked to allow the sun and light of Divine Love and Wisdom into our lives.