Ain’t no party like a garden party

Many hands make light work, but six hands still get the job done 🙂

Last week, three regulars got together to clear, cut, mulch and plant in the Glendale New Church’s front garden. Always a happy time to be together and work in the dirt.

If you are interested in getting in touch with the Earth, the church’s garden is a great place to start. Sign up to weed, water, or just bring a blanket and picnic near the blooms!

Did Swedenborg garden? He sure did! Read this post from the Swedenborg Foundation about what types of specimens were contained in his plot.

#EndangeredSpeciesDay Thou Shalt Not Kill…Clover!


Running Buffalo Clover, Photo by USFWS; Sarena Selbo

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Running Buffalo Clover is an endangered species in Hamilton, County, Ohio.

It’s soft on our feet, great for high traffic areas and fixes nitrogen in the soil.

Do you use herbicides? Instead, let’s help our bees, our lawns, and remember our commandments!

The nearest dream recedes unrealized.
The heaven we chase,
Like the June bee
Before the schoolboy,
Invites the race,
Stoops to an easy clover,
Then to the royal clouds
Lifts his light pinnace,
Heedless of the boy
Staring, bewildered, at the mocking sky.

Homesick for steadfast honey,–
Ah! the bee flies not
Which brews that rare variety.

                    ~Poem by Emily Dickinson, via the Atlantic