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Sermon notes: 2/23/20 “Jesus: Filled with Light”

“Jesus: Filled with Light.” Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly New Church of Montgomery, in Glendale 2/23/20 Moses was promised the stone tablets of instruction from God at the top of the mountain.  After six days of clouds, Moses disappeared for 40 … Continue reading

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#FridayFeeling: Lift Others and Rise

“We rise by lifting others.”-Robert Ingersoll. Hope this touches your day.

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#Grow #Regenerate #Thrive #NoApologies

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#FridayFeeling: Keeping a Dream Journal

Not everyone remembers their dreams.  Some remember them vividly.  Emanuel Swedenborg was a scientist and mystic theologian who kept a dream diary.  If you want to have success remembering your dreams, here are some tips from the Lucid Dream Society, … Continue reading

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#FridayFeeling #Cincinnati #FeelingTheHeat #FridayImInLove

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#FridayFeeling Turning Bad to Good

Following a natural disaster, there might be an outpouring of love and support that inspires people to treat everyone better. Perhaps a person who helps during this time might decide to dedicate their lives to helping others, affecting thousands of … Continue reading

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#FridayFeeling #Happiness

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.   – Nathaniel Hawthorne PS-Can you name this butterfly?

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Finding things in Common #FridayFeeling #ReligiousPlurality

from Swedenborg.com Zen meant giving up the love and sense of a separate self and living passionately in the moment so as to leave one open to the influx of wisdom and enlightenment. Zen included the notion of work or … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Value of Groceries @swedenborgfound

The Spiritual Value of Groceries Each moment in life, however small, is important. Swedenborg tells us that all of our actions and decisions, even the seemingly insignificant ones, contribute toward our sense of goodwill or love for others. The first step … Continue reading

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#FridayFeeling @NewportAquarium: Many Fish, One Ocean

Via Swedenborg.org: 1893 Religious Plurality Swedenborg saw and conversed with persons of many faiths and so urged acceptance of other religions long before ecumenism came into vogue. Chicago lawyer Charles Bonney, a Swedenborgian Church member, initiates and manages the 1893 … Continue reading

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