“To Be Alive” w/Robbin Ferriman #WeekendPlans 2/20/22

Monastic Mandalas Hildegaard von Bingen

The title of this Sunday’s sermon is “To Be Alive. “

When was there a time when you felt the most alive? What was happening? Think about it. Remember all the details.
How did it feel? How did it feel in your body? How does thinking about it feel now?

The more we can connect to the Divine, the more alive we begin to feel.

Please join us over Zoom, Sunday, February 20, 2022, at 10:30 am, for Fellowship, and 11:00 am, for Worship.

Pastor Robbin Ferriman from the Urbana Swedenborgian Church and Wedding Chapel is our Guest Minister. Zoom link will be provided to church members and their contacts.

Sunday’s Virtual Convention Happenings

Sunday, June 28 — All times are Listed in Eastern Daylight Time

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+1:45 PM — Opening of Final Day by Rev. Jane Siebert with musical prelude by Bet Giddings

+2:00 PM — Mini-Course: Disability, Divinity & The Divine Human: Helen Keller’s Spiritual Legacy with Rev. Sage Cole, followed by live Q&A

+3:00 PM — Mini-Course: Finding Church Beyond the Walls: Reimagining Church in the Time of Covid with Rev. Anna Woofenden, followed by live Q&A

+4:00 PM — Mini-Course: The Harmonic One: Suggestions of Divine Plurality in the Bible and in Swedenborg with Dr. Rebecca Esterson, followed by live Q&A

+5:00 PM — Mini-Course: Near-Death Studies and Swedenborg’s Spiritual World with Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence, followed by live Q&A

+7:00 PM — Closing Worship Service with Communion with Pastor Paul Deming, Rev. Kevin Baxter, Rev. Sage Cole, Rev. Youngmin Kim, and Rev. Shada Sullivan musical prelude and postlude by Angela Papierski and interlude by Karen Conger.

+Closing of Convention by Rev. Jane Siebert



#WeekendPlans #MothersDay

Enjoy your Sunday, (we do not have church this weekend) and while you’re at it, celebrate mothering!

Mother, Mom, Madre, Mäe, Ahm, Mum, Ema, Nana, Maji, Maman, Okaasan, Motina, Mat, 母亲, aHa, मां, แม่

No matter the language you use, “Mother” means love, comfort, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness and understanding. These are all qualities we find in God. Celebrate the Divine Human found in being motherly, no matter your gender. Spread these aspects of humanity to the world, and to the people in it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.