Use our #CommunityGarden in Glendale

Are you looking for a place to plant a few plants? Do you need a few plants to plant? (We have some for you.) At the end of May, we are going to be planting seeds/seedlings (yours and ours) in our community garden for the third year in a row! We hope you will join in the enjoyment of using our green-space, learning about the growing cycle and getting to taste a little joy from the earth!

Please contact or call 513-630-8777 if you are interested.



#WednesdayWisdom Consider Community Gardening

We are pleased to be able to offer the Glendale New Church’s front garden plot as a community garden space again this year.

Send us a message if you would like to participate in our program.

  • 513-630-8766

We are growing seedlings right now and we offer them to you to plant them with us when the ground warms up sufficiently. This will be sometime in May.

Care for the plants is shared among us all. Harvest can be done on your own or with other gardeners.

Last year we had a fun, pesto making party with our basil. This year we hope to expand our programming and experiment with some new salsa recipes for our tomatoes!

Call or email now, space is limited.


Whatta’ Big Saturday! @M25M_org #Sammyscbb & #ChildrensCommunityGarden

We volunteered our time, we shared a good meal, and we worked the “land”! If you still have an interest in adopting a plant with your child, please email us at Check out our pics from our busy day!

How does your #garden grow?

One more day of planting tomorrow! Meet us at 3:00 at 845 Congress Ave, if you are ready to grow!