#ThursdayThoughts @CincyCAC Rondinone, Kandinsky, Spirituality and Color Therapy

Brightening our moods at the Ugo Rondinone exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.


Read these articles on color, mood and Kandinsky’s “lay(ing) out his belief that art, especially abstract painting, can counteract the degenerative effects of contemporary materialist society and help usher in the coming “epoch of the Great Spiritual.”

The Language of Form and Color: Traces of Swedenborg’s Doctrine of Correspondences in Kandinsky’s “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”



This Sunday, explore the nature of color

We invite kids of every age to discuss and explore the nature of color. How do different colors make you feel? What colors are you drawn to? How do people with color-blindness interpret color? What did Emanuel Swedenborg say about color?

Gather round the table and dabble in color with us!


  • Sunday, January 17, 2015
  • 10 AM: Snack and chat
  • 10:30 AM: Informal service and discussion: Talk, color, enjoy new company!


  • The Glendale New Church
  • 845 Congress Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45246