#WeekendPlans: “Deep Peace” w/Rev. @Jonathanscsd

When the oppressor falls, are we free? When wars cease, are we at peace? Superficially maybe, but at a deeper level not necessarily. History shows one oppressor arising after the fall of another. Every truce, every armistice is no more than a pause before the outbreak of new hostilities. By contrast, heaven’s peace, the peace we wait for during Advent, the peace Swedenborg describes, is just that: the life of Heaven flowing into us.

Join us this Sunday, (Dec 5, 2021, at 11:00 am-worship, 10:30 am- fellowship) as we ask what it means to be truly at peace, within ourselves and with each other.

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mitchell

Zoom link will be emailed to church members and their contacts.

The Great Wave, IKEA print detail

We will be exploring the following readings:

Psalm 85
Luke 2:8-14

“Peace” … is the inmost, and hence the universally reigning thing, in each and all things in heaven. For peace in heaven is like spring on earth, or like the dawn, which does not affect us by particular visible things, but by a universal beauty that flows into everything that is perceived, and fills not only the perception itself with this beauty but also the particular objects. At the present day scarcely anyone knows the meaning of “peace” when mentioned in the Word, as in the benediction, “The Lord lift up His face upon you, and bring you peace” (Num. 6:26); and in other places. Almost everyone believes peace to be security from enemies, and also tranquility at home and among companions. Such peace is not meant in this passage, but a peace which immeasurably transcends it – the heavenly peace just now spoken of. This peace can be bestowed on no one unless someone who is led by the Lord and is in the Lord, that is, in heaven where the Lord is all in all. For heavenly peace flows in when the obsessions (cupiditates) arising from the love of self and the love of the world are taken away.

[AC 5662, excerpts, adapted from the Potts translation]

Blast from the Past:) #WeekendGuest Rev. Dick Tafel this Sunday!

Our weekend guest, Reverend Richard H. Tafel, Jr. (or Dick, to those who know him) comes from a long line of Swedenborgian ministers. Before his tenure as our minister from 1962-1989, he traveled the seas as a merchant marine. Rev. Tafel began his Swedenborgian ministries when there was still a church on Oak and Winslow (its demolition made way for the construction of Interstate 71). During his time here, there was a great focus on personal spiritual growth. This found resonance in our community and emphasized getting to know oneself and supporting one another. A lot of this philosophy remains with our church today.

Tafel was also involved in fundraising and beginning programs for youth by way of camps, and safe Friday night activities for teens. A popular wedding ministry also thrived, which at its height, blessed the unions of 100 couples a year; both straight and same-sex, with numerous wedding receptions.

Rev. Dick Tafel served as President of the denomination beginning in 1989. During that time, he and his wife Linda, brought their enthusiasm and stewardship to Ft. Myers Beach, FL, where they formed the New Church of Southwest Florida. In Florida, he instituted a grant-funded, after-school program for latch-key kids and got a chance to do some sailing. Today, he remains a faithful retired visiting minister of our church, and it’s a joy to welcome him back.

10:30 Hospitality, 11:00 AM Service


845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH.