Sound Meditation on Luke, Advent 12-18-22

For the fourth Sunday of Advent, Love Sunday, the New Church of Montgomery welcomed Guest Minister, Rev. Catherine Lauber over zoom. She performed a sound meditation on the Gospel of Luke 1:26-56 using crystal singing bowls during her sermon entitled, “Faith Grounded in Love”.

Please listen/watch here and enjoy.:

Gift-Giving at the Holidays

This was our church’s first year “adopt(ing) a family” from Bethany House Services to provide gifts and needed items. Thanks to all who were able to participate, purchase, wrap and label gifts, and transport them, and to the kids from church posing for pictures in the warehouse receiving area.

Items purchased included silverware, shoes, gift cards, clothes and toys to bring smiles to two little ones and their mom; a family experiencing homelessness. We hope they have a Merry Christmas and feel the love we wrapped into each present.

Two kids from our congregation who helped unload the gifts.

Candlelight Service; 5 pm @GlendaleNewChu

845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH

December 24, Christmas Eve, beginning at 5 PM, 
The Glendale New Church will take the lead to provide a time of worship featuring many of our favorite Hymns, classical Christmas music, including a bit of live music, and readings from the Gospels and the Heavenly Doctrine. The service will conclude with lighting all the candles!

An Oldie, but a Goodie

The story of Christmas. An oldie, but a goodie. In it, we remember to embrace the fragility of life. The blessings of Divine Love. We enter into this season blissfully, and with renewed energy. Its cause? Love. Love that reaches out and sees everyone’s humanity, everyone’s delicate, yearning heart, everyone’s desire for peace, everyone’s need for care. Today, these children remind us of innocent happiness and wonder during this Christmas season. Their laughter gives us hope that the world is not lost to hatred and indifference. There is Love and Wisdom, and it is Divinely here, in ourselves and others; to give as a gift, the whole year long.