#SundaySermon 11/7/21 “Holy City of Our Minds”

Rev. Catherine Lauber leads our worship service

Catch up on last weekend’s New Church of Montgomery worship service with Guest Minister, Catherine Lauber, Mdiv, MA, RP. The title of the service is “Holy City of Our Minds” and the title of the Sermon is “This Illness Does Not Lead to Death,” with the emphasis on looking at what tools we have at our disposal that can use in the midst of chaos. If you want to go directly to the sermon, click: https://youtu.be/oIg6eQxSdo8&t=17m44s

#SundaySermon 10/31/21 “The Bright Light at the End of Chaos”

Guest Minister Rev. Rich L. Tafel

If you missed our Sunday service with Guest Minister, Rev. Rich L. Tafel of the D.C. Church of the Holy City, you can click the video above to watch/listen to the YouTube presentation. Click https://youtu.be/x4TOkqucm_A &t=13m57s to take you directly to the sermon, followed by a discussion.

#FridayFeeling: Getting Directions

The most common question people ask me lately is, “Where is all of this chaos headed?” While I can’t predict the future, our spiritual tradition does give us some unique insights into making sense of the current state of chaos and the possibility of what might be coming next.

Sunday, (10/31/21) I’ll talk about one of our tradition‘s unique teachings concerning spiritual evolution. I hope what I share offers some peace of mind as we all navigate increasingly chaotic times.

~Rev. Rich L. Tafel

This Sunday, October 31, 2021, Guest Minister, Rev. Rich L. Tafel will lead our zoom worship service at 11 am. Zoom link will be emailed to church members and their contacts.

photo copyright 2021 Supercomfs