#WeekendPlans: 8/29 “Thinking Together & the Search for Truth”

Friends, please join us for our zoom service this Sunday, August 29,2021, featuring Guest Minister, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mitchell. Rev. Mitchell is the acting co-pastor at the Garden Church in San Pedro, CA.

Sunday School is at 9:45 am, Fellowship time at 10:30, and Worship at 11:00 am.

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“Our thoughts and feelings are never ours alone — at least if we believe what Emanuel Swedenborg teaches. Even when we are apparently by ourselves, thinking our own thoughts, we are thinking together with a spiritual community, whose thoughts and feelings we share. The social ability to observe the same things and agree on how they are to be described makes possible the scientific endeavor. Unfortunately, the social practice of agreeing on how to describe things also underlies pseudoscience, prejudice and mass delusion. In a world where the social, cultural and political rifts are getting ever deeper and more embittered, how can we think together in a common search for the truth?”

Rev. Jonathan Mitchell

Our Readings will be:
Psalm 19
Emanuel Swedenborg: Nunc licet intrare intellectualiter in arcana fidei. Now it is permitted to enter with understanding into the mysteries of faith.