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#WeekendPlans in #Cincinnati

Find Wisdom and Love this weekend at 11:00 am; 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH, 45246.DFA89F27-EC8D-4926-A89B-2EA07118AB21

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#MondayMotivation #DTSuzuki

“In the actual living of life there is no logic, for life is superior to logic.” -D.T. Suzuki

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#FridayFeeling Growth

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#ThursdayTheology The big and the small

All things that have been created are intrinsically finite . . . as for the human spirit, however, that too has been created from things that are finite. What is the human spirit but a vessel for the life that the mind possesses? (True Christianity §470:2, 3)


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Patriotism of Charity #FourthofJuly

via “The Gist of Swedenborg”



ONE’S country is the neighbor more than a society, for it consists of many societies, and consequently the love of it is a more extended and a higher love. Besides to love one’s country is to love the public welfare. A man’s country is the neighbor because it is like a parent; for there he was born; it has nourished and still nourishes him; it has protected him from harm, and still protects him. From love for it he ought to do good to his country according to its needs, some of which are natural, and others spiritual. The country ought to be loved, not as a man loves himself, but more than himself. This is a law inscribed on the human heart. And from the law has issued the proposition, which has the assent of every true man, that if ruin threatens the country from an enemy or other source, it is illustrious to die for it, and glorious for a soldier to shed his blood for it. This is a common saying, because so much should one’s country be loved. Those who love their country, and from good will do good to it, after death love the Lord’s kingdom, for this is their country there; and they who love the Lord’s kingdom, love the Lord, for He is the All in all of His Kingdom.

True Christian Religion, n. 414

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Convention is Happening

Folks from all over are enjoying the sunny and 77 weather of San Jose this week at the 194th session of the General Convention of the New Jerusalem ( Swedenborgian Church ). Here are a few photos from the last couple days. Check out their Facebook page for other photos and info.


Ordination of Rachael Madjerac and Cory Bradford-Watts


Keynote Speaker, Curtis Childs

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