#Tunesday #RobertFrost “Stopping by Woods…”

As we await our first snowfall, listen to this lovely musical meditation by Randall Thompson on Frost’s work, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening“.  To learn about Robert Frost’s connection to Swedenborg, read Rev. Dr. David J. Fekete’s article in the November edition of The Messenger on “Robert Frost’s Critical Appropriation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Theology”.

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#MindfulMonday Meetup tonight- 7 pm

Join us tonight as we discuss Swedenborg and Life’s Community Chat on “Spirituality and War”. We begin at 7 pm with drinks and appetizers and follow with an episode about this timely topic; interspersed with discussion.

Address: Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45246

Find our Cincinnati Meetup group here.



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#Foodforthesoul #Serving @BethanyHouseSvc

Grateful for the opportunity to help our fellow (wo)man (and children) this morning by serving breakfast at Bethany House Services, in Cincinnati.


Photograph by Shannon Fischer

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A World Apart: The American Antislavery Issue #Ohio #History #FBF

The following is an excerpt from James Lawrence‘s essay, “A World Apart: The American Antislavery Issue” from the forthcoming volume, The Moment is Now, ed. Anders Hallengren, Swedenborg Foundation Press.

William Cooper Howells (1807-1894), the father of the eminent American literary lion William Dean Howells, was a career Ohio newspaper publisher and editor in small cities and large towns, including a stint as co-editor of the Ohio State Journal in which he vigorously penned pieces in support of John Brown, the radical abolitionist in Kansas. Howells also served as manager and possibly as founder of the Ohio branch of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Due to his Quaker upbringing, he had been anti-slavery before his Swedenborgian conversion in 1834, but never living close enough to a Swedenborgian church to attend regularly his relations with organized Swedenborgianism appears cordial but distant. Yet, Swedenborgianism was a faith commitment that would sustain him for his remaining six decades, as he was vocal about his spiritual persuasions and kept a large lithographic picture of Swedenborg in the family parlor room, as attested to by his son’s fond memories.[1] His fusion of Swedenborgian thought and anti-slavery politics centered in his interpretation of Swedenborg’s doctrine of love as an obvious paean to selflessness and egalitarianism.[2]

[1] Kenneth S. Lynn, William Dean Howells: An American Life (New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1970), 35-41.

[2] For more on the father’s anti-slavery commitment, see Susan Goodwin and Carl Dawson, William Dean Howells: A Writer’s Life (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005), 12-3, 284.

James F. Lawrence, D.Min., Ph.D.

Center for Swedenborgian Studies

Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California


Read more about William Cooper Howells’ “Recollections of Life in Ohio, from 1013-1840” at Librivox.


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The Advent of Our Lord

” … the Lord Himself will give you a sign. The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14, NIV)

The story of the advent of our Lord has within it a deeper story of the reception of our Lord into our hearts and minds.

On the night of His birth into this world, the first people informed of this event, not including Mary and Joseph, are simple shepherds keeping watch over their flocks out in the open fields surrounding the town of Bethlehem.

On a deeper level, these shepherds represent that innocence of simple faith and wonder we must have to accept the Lord into our hears and minds. It is a quality of willingness to be led and to accept God’s message to us that He really does exist and is present always in our lives. This state will bring about miraculous change.

~Rev. Bob and Sue Marie

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#Adventure in Anticipation, 1st Sunday of #Advent

Local, guest minister, Dr. Rev. Sherrie Connelly will give our Sunday service this week. The subject is “Adventure in Anticipation.” Join us at 10:30 am for hospitality, and 11 am for worship. 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH 45246


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#GivingTuesday, #Tunesday #Ujima

Everyone has something to give. It is an extension of love. You don’t have to have money to give a gift of love. Learn about the Seven principles of Kwanzaa.

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