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Pageant of the Past

From the archives. Ghosts of Christmas past. December 25, 1861.

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Jesus’ Humble Entrance #LunchtimeLessons @OffTheLeftEye

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#FBF: Cincinnatian Eliza Lovell Tibbets & her Orange Utopia

California’s citrus industry owes a huge debt to the introduction of the navel orange tree—in fact, to two trees in particular, the parent trees of the vast groves of navel oranges that exist in California today. Those trees were planted … Continue reading

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Relatively Presidential

Are you interested in Presidential History? Check out this article by Francesca McCrossan, Ph.D. And Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence, about the great grand-uncle of George HW Bush, the first George Bush, and his connections to the New Church.

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#FridayFeeling @NewportAquarium: Many Fish, One Ocean

Via 1893 Religious Plurality Swedenborg saw and conversed with persons of many faiths and so urged acceptance of other religions long before ecumenism came into vogue. Chicago lawyer Charles Bonney, a Swedenborgian Church member, initiates and manages the 1893 … Continue reading

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#FBF “It’s Not in Buildings”

A beautiful memoir of the original Swedenborgian Church in Walnut Hills by Carol Skinner Lawson…

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#FBF #CincinnatiHistory @GlendaleNewChu

Historical views on the Glendale New Church’s beliefs, post-construction, in 1861. Continue reading

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#FBF An Underground Community & the Eckstein School

Learn from this historical piece, An Underground Community, by William M. Parrish, about Glendale, OH’s place on the Underground Railroad. Read about the challenges and imprisonment of local abolitionists as they fought against social norms to keep blacks enslaved, even … Continue reading

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#FBF #CincinnatiHistory #Music & #Hymns

This hymnal was printed in Lebanon, Ohio, by Nathaniel McClean, 1810. Thomas Newport was the first Swedenborgian in the territory now Ohio…and ordained one of their Ministers.  Delighting in singing, in 1810 he compiled and caused to be printed in … Continue reading

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#FBF Visiting Ministers: A thing of the past & present

Sundays at the New Church of Montgomery (@GlendaleNewChu) are vibrant due to the variety of voices that of our visiting Ministers bring to the pulpit. This is not a new idea in our church.  In this “Messenger” article from 1906, … Continue reading

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