#WeekendPlans: “The Calling” w/Robbin Ferriman 9/4/22

“Have you ever felt that God was calling you to do something? How did you feel about that? Were you certain, afraid, unsure? How did you know, and what did you do with that?” ~Pastor Robbin Ferriman

We welcome you to join in that exploration with Pastor Robbin Ferriman from Urbana. Our service will be hybrid in person and online (Zoom) service. We begin fellowship at 10:30 am, and worship at 11:00 am. Hope to see you there.

#WeekendPlans: “Untie your Ox” with Rev. Kevin Baxter 8/21/22

The title of this week’s hybrid in-person/virtual service is “Untie Your Ox,” with Rev. Kevin Baxter from the Boston Society of the New Jerusalem in Boston, MA, joining us virtually.

We often think of the religious life as one that takes work, effort, and is bound by rules. What if we have it all wrong? What if being a person of faith is about peace, refreshment, and rest?

Rev. Kevin Baxter

Please join us at 10:30 am for fellowship and 11:00 am, for worship. Zoom link will be provided to church members and their contacts.

#WeekendPlans: Keep Moving Forward w/Rev. Machiniak 8/7/22

Please join us Sunday, August 7, 2022, for an entirely virtual (zoom) presentation on the theme: Keep Moving Forward, with Rev. Renée Machiniak. Fellowship begins at 10:30 am, worship at 11:00 am.

Rev. Machiniak will present a sermon entitled “A Scary Crossing”.

Do you ever panic in fear, try to escape from your circumstance and feel trapped? When we are taking our first spiritual steps to make positive change in our lives, sometimes our ego begins to change its mind and we feel overwhelmed. This is a common experience. Moses, the truth within, speaks to us strongly. Join us as we explore higher truths that will assist our understanding when we are ready to “cross over the Red Sea” to a new land, a better life waiting for us.

Rev. Renée Machiniak
Sound Sunset by Marguerite Panyko 2022

#WeekendPlans: “You are the Light of the World” w/Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts 7/31/22

Please join us for our hybrid in-person/zoom church on Sunday, July 31, 2022. We welcome guest minister Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts from Kitchener, ON, who will join us virtually. Fellowship begins at 10:30 am, worship at 11:00 am. Zoom details will be emailed to church members and their contacts.

“You are the light of the world,” is the title of the service. These empowering words were spoken by Christ, not as an elitist view of his “Christian” followers, but as a description of the very nature of each of our spirits – especially when we allow ourselves to shine.

Rev. Bradford-Watts

#WeekendPlans: “When Jesus Left” w/Rev. Brugler 6/5/22

Please join us Sunday, June 5, 2022, for a hybrid, in-person/zoom service with Rev. Ronald Brugler officiating from Florida. We will have Fellowship at 10:30 am, and our service will begin at 11:00 am. The title will be “When Jesus Left.”

Bird flying in evening sky blue to pink

#WeekendPlans: “Trust” w/Rev. Julie Conaron

Join us this Sunday, May 15th, for a hybrid in-person/zoom service from the Glendale New Church. Our guest minister is Rev. Julie Conaron.

“Trust: do we have issues with trusting others, even with the Divine?”

Rev. Julie Conaron

Fellowship at 10:30, Worship at 11:00 am. Zoom link will be provided to church members and their contacts. You may also attend in person.

Easter 2022 Service

If you missed our Easter Service, you can catch the highlights on YouTube. Thank you to everyone who participated in the service and helped it come to be. We are looking forward to a day when we can all be together in person, but we are thankful for, and enjoying our spiritual community which was forged through our time of separation.

#Cincinnati #Easter Service Offered in Person & Online: 4/17/22 @GlendaleNewChu

Jesus with hands raised and words “He is Risen”

Please join us in person or over zoom for our Easter 2022 service, April 17, 2022. Our Guest Minister is Reverend Dr. Jim Lawrence from the Pacific School of Religion. We begin Fellowship at 10:30 am, and Worship at 11:00 am. Zoom links have been provided to church members and their contacts via email.

#WeekendPlans: Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence discusses “The Regeneration Psalm” 3/20/22

Join us this Sunday, 3/20/22, over Zoom—10:30 am Fellowship, 11:00 am Worship. We welcome Guest Minister, Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence. He will present a sermon examining “Psalm 23: The Regeneration Psalm”. Church members and their contacts will receive the zoom link via email.

“The 23rd Psalm is the most fully memorized section of the Bible, yet interestingly Swedenborg provides less commentary on this iconic Psalm than he does for most of the other psalms. From a constructive Swedenborgian perspective, however, he wrote a lot about it. Join us at church for the deep story.”

Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence