Angels of Swedenborg #pingchong

Pathways and suggestions lead one to discover new things. Searching for Swedenborg’s Thiyatira angel, this play was revealed: Angels of Swedenborg, a dance theatre piece: From the article: (Ping Chong) was inspired to re-imagine Swedenborg as a contemporary man caught between his longing for material comfort and spiritual attainment. Or, read another way, it is a portrait of modern man’s disconnect from his spiritual self.

Learn more about Ping Chong and his recent work

#SomethingWonderful Art Show Today! #Cincinnati

Join us today to raise money and awareness for Bethany House Services and support local artists and artisans! Address is the Glendale New Church: 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale, OH 45426. 10 am-4 pm

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Mary Ann Fisher & Janie Abling

Mary Ann and Janie are lifelong crafters. Opportunities to help others create opportunities for creativity, and they give willingly and generously. We are grateful for their kind, creative and tuned-in spirits!

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Amelio & Maggie Panyko

Amelio and his mom, Maggie create lots of different kinds of art. From origami and Roblox roller coasters to custom cards, t-shirts and paintings, they love the joy that it sparks and the happiness it brings others.

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Picasso Painters, Lambo Guo & Surinda Kalaa

Picasso Painters is a group of painters that gather to paint together, sharing ideas, critiques and tips. The group formed in 1995 and consists of painters of all levels of experience, from beginners to more expert. They are currently meeting at the Mason Senior Center on Tuesday mornings.

Picasso Painters

Lambo Guo joined Picasso Painters, where she first began to paint, 5 years ago and primarily paints in Acrylic. She is now learning how to create her art with pastel and colored pencil.

Lambo Guo

Surinda Kalaa is member of Picasso Painters. She paints in acrylic and watercolor.

Surinda Kalaa
Surinda Kalaa

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Angie Unger

Angie Unger is a visual artist, designer and teacher. She currently is teaching children and adults the art of fused glass at the Brazee Street Studio. She is also an interior designer specializing in creating spaces that enhance emotional well-being and health. For this year’s show she is offering glass Christmas tree ornaments in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and colors.

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Theresa Galluppi

Theresa Galluppi paints in many mediums – oil, acrylic, water color and pastel. She was born in Italy, and has been painting all her life. While living in Rome, NY, Theresa was, for 35 years, a member of the Rome Arts Center. She has been a leading member of Picasso Painters in Mason for 16 years.

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight Sue Abe

Sue Abe, originally from Hawaii, is a Sumi-e artist. Sumi-e is an ancient Japanese style using primarily black ink. Sue uses ink and watercolor to create her favorite subjects – nature, animals and birds. She has been a member of Picasso Painters for 10 years. She began painting about 15 years ago when she retired for P&G.

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Robbin Ferriman

Robbin Ferriman is a native of Missouri, having grown up around the St. Louis area. She currently resides in Urbana, Ohio, with her many cats. Robbin received her BFA from Ohio University, graduating in 2001, with a focus on printmaking. In addition to being a part-time archivist at the Castle Piatt Mac-A-Cheek, in West Liberty, Ohio, she worked for a time, prior to the pandemic, at Champaign Residential Services, in Urbana, teaching art to adults with developmental disabilities, among other activities. These days, when Robbin is creating, it is through painting using oils and acrylics. Flora and fauna are favorite subject matter, but she is currently honing her skills with figurative images.

Robbin Ferriman
Robbin Ferriman
Robbin Ferriman

#SomethingWonderful #ArtistSpotlight: Ellen Winterod

Ellen is a full-time credit card executive and has always enjoyed being creative. She began mastering the Cricut machine five years ago and hasn’t looked back. Her collection of wood signs now exceeds her wall-space.

Ellen Winterod
Ellen Winterod
Ellen Winterod