#ThursdayThoughts, “We Believe…”

As Swedenborgians We believe that:

We may approach our spirituality with understanding.
Questioning is part of our spiritual journey.

The “church” is more than a building or an organization.
It is all people throughout the world who live by the love and truth they are given to know.

God is one, known by many names.
We understand God to be loving and never angry or vengeful.

Jesus was and is God in human form.
Jesus came to restore spiritual freedom – to reestablish our right to choose what we believe and how we live our lives.

The Bible is the foundation of our theology and a guide for our spiritual growth.
Furthermore, our understanding of the Bible is guided by the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th Century theologian and scientist.

~From The Church of the Holy Spirit in Wilmington, DE

belief and questioning

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#Swedenborg on Saturday

villageEmanuel Swedenborg, originally born Emanuel Swedberg, before his family was ennobled, by the Queen of Sweden, was an 18th century Swedish scientist, philosopher and mystic. He wrote an extensive collection of divinely inspired theological works.

Cincinnati is home to two churches of different denominations (The New Church of Montgomery and the Glendale New Church) dedicated to studying his writings and the living of useful, meaningful lives.


Pride Month: Cincinnati #Ally Church

pride-monthAre you looking for a welcoming, open and inclusive church in Cincinnati? The New Church of Montgomery (currently meeting in Glendale) is a small congregation of open-minded people looking to do good work in our community and our world.

“In its ever-growing desire to serve all of God’s children, the General Convention (aka The Swedenborgian Church), urges Swedenborgians everywhere to acknowledge that the Church Universal is inclusive and to act in this spirit. Let no Society of the Church exclude any from membership on such considerations as ethnic origin, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, condition of health, handicap, or economic status; but seeking those who accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and who accept the essentials of faith of the Church, welcome all with joy and affection into the full and free community of the Church.”



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Emanuel Swedenborg

Although Emanuel Swedenborg was acknowledged by his contemporaries to be one of the outstanding scientific figures of his generation, the last 27 years of Swedenborg’s life were devoted to writing books on religion. He also served as one of the most creative and influential members of the Swedish House of Nobles.

Swedenborg’s theological works form the basis of the Swedenborgian Church or, as it is sometimes called today, The Church of the New Jerusalem. Although he never intended a church denomination to be founded or named after him, a society was formed in London 15 years after his death. This 1787 organization eventually spawned the present General Convention of Swedenborgian Churches.

As a result of Swedenborg’s own spiritual questionings and insights, we as a church today exist to encourage that same spirit of inquiry and personal growth, to respect differences in views, and to accept others who may have different traditions. Swedenborg shared in his theological writings a view of God as infinitely loving and at the very center of our beings, a view of life as a spiritual birth as we participate in our own creation, and a view of Scripture as a story of inner-life stages as we learn and grow. Swedenborg said, “All religion relates to life, and the life of religion is to do good.” He also felt that the sincerest form of worship is a useful life.

[ from www.swedenborg.org ]