“Rock It” a poem by Rev. Jane Siebert

This poem recently appeared in the messenger.

Photo of cairn rocks with ocean in the background by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Rock It”
by Rev. Jane Siebert
Rocks relate to natural truths.
Rocks have a lot to tell us about
ourselves and about others.
Some have holes in them where
they lost a part of themselves
when life hit hard
but they are still beautiful.
Some have had all their rough edges worn off
from tumbling over and over in the
stream of providence
and are smooth and gentle from the ride.
Some have cracks where they
butted up against another rock
and were hurt in the process,
but they are still strong.
Some have hidden beauty inside
and we have to help them
to crack open and see it.
Some are pretty on one side
and not so much on the other.
We need to be a little careful of
people, I mean rocks like this.
Some are big and showy
and they draw our attention
and some need to be closely
examined to find their gift.
Some have to be washed off
because the dirt of life
hides their inner treasure.
Some are tiny and easily
Pay attention.
You might miss the jewel.
Not one is just a rock
if we take time and look closely.
Every rock has a story.

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