#WeekendPlans: “Crossing the River” w/Rev. Machiniak

Join us for zoom church service 11 am in Cincinnati or wherever you are, on Sunday 8/31, with Guest Minister, Rev. Renée Machiniak. The sermon title is: “Crossing the Rivers: Following God in These Challenging Times”
We will reflect upon the two basic dividing lines everyone must cross at some point in our lives as we find our way to true happiness, a heavenly life. Especially during these challenging times, it is helpful to understand the overall map or path that God gives us in the Word to lead us “home” to the Holy Land.
Reading from Swedenborg: Arcana Coelestia 8403:
“No one is regenerated without temptation; many temptations succeed, one after another. The reason is that regeneration is effected for an end; in order that the life of the old person may die, and the new life is heavenly insinuated. There must certainly be a conflict; for the old person resists and determines not to be extinguished; and the life of the new person an only enter where the life of the old is extinct…there is an ardent conflict on both sides because it is for life.”

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