Sermon notes: 2/23/20 “Jesus: Filled with Light”

ncom-sunset“Jesus: Filled with Light.”

Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly

New Church of Montgomery, in Glendale


Moses was promised the stone tablets of instruction from God at the top of the mountain.  After six days of clouds, Moses disappeared for 40 days and 40 nights.  The Psalms warn that the Lord will be angry if we do not kneel in service to our God.  We are invited to the holy mountaintop.  The Lord God, the father anoints Jesus with his blessing because he is well pleased.  Heed this message as a lamp, like the morning star rising to your hearts; moved by the Holy Spirit of the Lord our God.

In John, the Gospel, Jesus took several disciples up the mountain alone.  He rose in light, as if transfigured, with a shining face and dazzling clothes of white.  Then suddenly they were joined by Moses and Elijah.  Hearing a voice from the cloud they knelt in fear.  Feeling the hand of Jesus touching them, they rose to His command, be not afraid.  And saw Jesus was with them.  And they were cautioned not to share what they had seen until after the Lord’s Resurrection.

Arcana Coelestia, Secrets of Heaven number 10811

We are blessed to see that the radiant fiery cloud was the presence of the lord surrounded by angels.


Each of the readings tells us of the shimmering white light presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ radiating from a cloud at the peak of the mountain top.

In some, he has disciples with him.  In another, he is alone.  In all, his presence is filled with light.  In all, we are promised the coming and the rising of our Lord God, present with us as a holy being of light.  What can be more special?  What can be more reassuring? That this Lord Jesus is verified as the Son of God, and as God, the Lord present and fulfilled.  Fully with us.  Indeed, we are blessed.  Amen.

Let us reflect for a bit in silence.  And then share together in conversation, how is it that you may have experienced the coming of God’s love to you, as the Holy One, as Jesus, as a being filled with light.

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