#ThursdayThoughts Sermon: 11/3/19

Sunday, November 3, 2019 , Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly
Habakkuk 1: 1-42, 2: 1-4
Habakkuk is fretting over the prevailing violence and injustices he observed in his homeland. Neither law nor justice is helping any at all. The Lord appoints him to make the needs plain and reveal them at the right time.
The Lord appoints him to make the needs plain and reveal them at the right time the enemy is puffed up but the righteous will live by faith.
Psalm 119: 137-144
The song praises the connectedness of the Lord’s law. Even in times of trouble and distress, your precepts give me delight and help me to understand how to live rightly.
Isaiah 1:10-18
The Lord is appalled and offended that the rulers of Sodom and the people of Gomorrah are so in diligent in their empty sacrifices. It is time to wash and make yourselves clean, it is a time of renewal. Time to do right. Seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Protect women and children. The bloody will turn as white as snow.
Psalm 32:1-7
Forgiveness is a blessing when we are open about our transgressions and ask for them to be lifted. I find solace in the Lord, protection and songs of deliverance.
2 Thessalonians 1: 1-4, 11-12
We thank God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ for our faithful community at Thessalonia. Your faith is strong and your love of each other grows and grows. May your faith bring forth all that you wish for.
Luke 19:1-10
When Jesus came to visit Jericho, the very short tax collector Zacchaeus   climbed into a tree to see above the crowd. Jesus invited him to climb down, and the key is invited Jesus in return to eat dinner at his house. The public muttered, and Zacchaeus made promises to help the poor. And this is how the Lord saves the lost sinners.
Emanuel Swedenborg, Divine Providence (Dole) n. 178
We are promised the ability to act in freedom, to be blessed with free will in our lives of action. We use our reason to further what we love. Love and reason together produce a good result, and a furtherance of loving. We receive help you because we can anticipate possibilities. The mind and braces purposes, means and results, such as will, thoughts and actions. All three together are necessary for a good outcome to come to fruition.
These readings instruct us to be present with our a mindful purpose, loving thoughts, and expectancy of good outcomes. As we partner with the Lord, appreciating the delivery of many blessings, we follow his instructions to love him and to extend love to our neighbors, near and far. And while a life without sin may not be possible, we are given the means of faith to seek forgiveness, and we are lifted in liveliness and in spirit, to live in a community of grace. We are generously blessed. Not only now, but in the hope for the future that our Lord has bestowed on us. We are fortunate, Forgiven and blessed, now and forever. Amen.
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