Sermon Text

Rev. Dr. Sherrie Connelly

New Church of Montgomery [Cincinnati]

Sunday, July 28, 2019


The Lord is your everlasting light,

and God is your glory.

The Lord is the strength of my life,

so I need not be afraid.

The Lord will protect me,

and lead me on a smooth path.

The light of the world

shines on the hill top

on a lampstand,

lighting the world and illuminating

the heavens.

The Lamb is God’s light.

Heaven’s light is spiritual,

not worldly, it is divine love.

The Lord’s light is divine truth,

shining on the angels,

who are warmed by divine good.

The Lord is our everlasting light,

and God is our glory.

The Lord is the strength of our lives,

so we need not be afraid.

The Lord will protect us,

and lead us on a smooth path.

The hilltop shines full of light.

The heights of the lampstand 

reflect and illuminate

the whole world.

The Holy Lamb in the heavens

is God’s divine light.

Heaven is full and fulfilled

with divine love, divine truth

and divine good,

lit by a chorus of angels.

Our Lord’s everlasting light

is God’s glory.

Our lives are full and strong

when filled by our Lord God.

A smooth path lies before us

under the Lord’s divine protection.

From the heights of the hilltop

the Lord’s light illuminates the

entire world.

Our hearts are full, embracing

the three levels of heaven – natural,

spiritual, and celestial.

As we express our love of the Lord,

our neighbors, and each other,

we are filled and fulfilled

by the light of the world.


Photo by Maggie Panyko 2019

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