#MothersDay2019 Reflections and Rainbows

We know that mothering take many forms.  Some have not had a strong mother figure in their lives, some are trying to be a mother and can’t conceive, some have adopted or fostered children, taken other kids or students under their motherly wing, some can’t be a good mother because of addiction, illness, trauma, poverty or lack of self-care, and some moms feel pretty good about the job they’re doing.  Such a wide spectrum under the Mom rainbow; with brightness and shadows.

Celebrating Mothering is an important idea.  Of course, it’s important to honor your mother all year long, instead of just on a single day.  It’s a commandment, after all;) The buildup to this day is fraught with preparations, timing, and living up to a standard of brunches, cards and visits. But, that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about love; like most other holidays are.  Loving and honoring.

So today,  pause and think about mothers. Support them and love them. Value them. Forgive them for their mistakes, they are human and not infallible.  Through inspiration and the influx of Divine Love and Wisdom, find the light in each human being, and celebrate the moms of the past, future and of this day.



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