#PoetryThursday “As Dust is Blown”



The structures and orders of men

Winnow before the fiat of Nature:

Springtime urges itself upon the building

In which I stay, built by some past creature.


And now this building, upon which Spring

So fatally breaks, is owned by others,

Whose hold will try to close and commit

To whose governance and strictures and smothers

The lives of those whose sway they aim to own.

One brick structure amidst a season

Fatally arriving as untold aeons

Before it have ordained; as dust is blown

Upon Egypt, or a street, or a mist rises

Upon a grassy yard, a clover grows,

An alarm sounds upon a human crisis

A river or a glacier flows–

A human or Divine being perhaps silently knows

By Rev. David Fekete


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