#InternationalWomensDay Dorothea Harvey

Here in the U.S. Rev. Dr. Dorothea Ward Harvey (1922-2010) was the first woman to be ordained in the New Church (Swedenborgian).

In her early life, she was recruited directly from Wellesley University to be a code breaker in WWII, was in WAVES, and did archaeological and biblical research in Jordan and on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dr. Harvey got her doctorate from Columbia University and was on the teaching faculty of Lawrence University, Urbana University, Milwaukee Downer College and Wellesley College.

She was the Chair of the Swedenborg House of Studies at the Pacific School of Religion, and a faculty position is named after her. Dorothea was an influential and spiritual woman and through her intelligence, kindness and mentorship helped many along the way.

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