Sunday’s Topic: “Brain Science & Spiritual Battlegrounds”

Please regard our website for possible Sunday cancellation due to winter weather.


This Sunday’s topic is entitled “Brain Science & Spiritual Battlegrounds,” offered by Laity-Leader, Pete Toot. If church is cancelled, this service will be offered at a future date.

We will be looking at how the brain deals with conflicting urges and how the idea of guardian angels and the influences of the spiritual world correspond to the organic mechanisms of how we behave.  There is this image of our conscience as little angel and devil critters standing on our shoulders whispering in our ears, on one side enticing us to do bad things and on the other suggesting that we shouldn’t. 

We will look at what 18th century “Renaissance Man” Emanuel Swedenborg, natural scientist and seer, says how we might understand this idea, and how we are indeed living in a balance between good and evil influences.  Also, we will explore how the physical world, including our brains work, and correspond to similar things and activity in the spiritual realm.  Along with Swedenborg’s ideas we will look into Dr. David Eagleman’s much more recent insights from a neuroscientist’s perspective. 

A lot of similarities emerge, not just in the way things work, but also offer new clues for energizing our conscience and nourishing our spiritual well-being.

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