#ThurdayThoughts: Following a Guiding Star

“Following A Guiding Star”  

Sermon notes by Sherrie Connelly, January 6, 2019

Hark! Hark?
The light has come
We are to follow, the star
the bright night’s guidance
and we will come to the child
who will give us new life
forever and ever.

We are to honor justice and
give to all, give our time, our treasures and our talents,
especially to the poor.
And to comfort the poor in heart.
May life be with us
as ling as the sun is bright
and the moon offers us light
as long as the rain falls
and the grass grows green.

The mystery is revealed–
a revelation has come to us.
It has come to us in the Spirit
in the spirit of love
and in reconciliation.

The wisdom of God is ours
as we embrace the light and love
of the Christ child in memory and in celebration.

The three wise men walked the
desert with gifts of gold,
frankincense and myrrh;
gifts of riches, healing herbs and
a balm of comfort so our pains may be lifted.

Then heeding the warning
received in a dream, not to Herod,
they returned to their own
country by another road.

Our minds are to keep to the
messages of wisdom,
to follow their guidance
and not to let our thoughts
or speech stray from the
path of wisdom.

We are promised guidance,
a light to follow.
Let us heed this promise
and follow the Lord’s light.

Eleanor Roosevelt said
“The purpose of life is to live it
to taste experience
to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly
and without fear,
for newer and richer experience.”

So, are we? Do we?
Are your experiences full?
Is your life full of rich
experiences that bring you joy?
Or is your daily life a bit
Not that there is anything wrong
with humdrum…
but joy could be better, yes?

What are our sources of joy?
In what do we find
joy and enlightenment?

To awake each morning
sensing the pulse of life
within us?
To bring our lives to others?
To embrace their loves and joys as our own?

We are joy carriers.
We are joy makers.
We are joy embracers.

If we are not doing that
then we are not living fully,
and we are not partaking
of Christ’s promise
to bring us new life.

Make a promise to yourselves
and to each other
to look for the joy
to look for sources of light
to be light keepers
and light proclaimers.

The light will not go out
the star will be an eternal
guiding light.
Follow it and trust it.
Joy is promised and will be given.
The light of joy is yours
and so it shall always be.
It is promised. It is yours to fulfill
your hearts and guide your likes. Amen.

time lapse photography of mountain

Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on Pexels.com

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