#WeekendPlans @GlendaleNewChu “Little One, Get Up!”

This Sunday, January 13, The Glendale New Church will hold their service at 11 am. Pastor Clark Echols officiates.

From Pastor Echols:


We will gather this Sunday and begin the year celebrating the possibilities of spiritual healing. As at a beginning of any process, there are states of cold, darkness and despair. How do we begin to change and to heal? In the story of the healing of Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5) Jesus models for us how to put aside prejudice, pride and anxiety by intentionally practicing hope and serenity. Our connection to the Lord will begin to change our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world bringing (again!) the peace of heaven to our minds from the Lord.
And then we will come to the Lord for his encouragement, symbolically imbibing his love and wisdom that we may use them in this life for goodness and righteousness.
And we will complete the experience by feasting together on tacos. (And please let us know if you prefer a vegan or vegetarian choice!). GlendaleNewChurch@gmail.com

Raising of Jairus’ daughter Via Wikipedia

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