#ThursdayTheology: Saving the Earth

What is our responsibility to the Earth?  What if you spent your career working on solutions to save coral reefs and suddenly as you’re ready to retire, you providentially find the answer you’re looking for.  A coral stuck to the bottom of a tank breaks off and shows it’s ability to regenerate much faster than previously thought!  Do you retire, or do you go on being useful, helping to see this discovery’s implementation through? Emanuel Swedenborg said, ““Whatever love brings forth it calls useful”  (Divine Love and Wisdom #336)  This scientist decided to continue to show his love for saving coral reefs by postponing his retirement, and helping coral reefs bring forth their use: joy and beauty for snorkelers, buffering shorelines from storms and erosion, and a home for creatures of the seas.

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1 Response to #ThursdayTheology: Saving the Earth

  1. Gloria Shepherd says:

    A wonderful discovery. Thanks for sharing.

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