The Up Side of Giving: a #MeditationForMonday

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What if to give up really means to offer the outcome to God, or the universe or life, and stop trying to own it all ourselves? In fact, outcomes are never really ours to own or give.  All we’re doing now is acknowledging, as clear-eyed grownups, that in any situation we do what we do and then what happens happens.

Fear Less, by Dean Sluyter


…if we want to rise above our human nature, we need to go through a process of spiritual growth, or regeneration. During this process, we shift from being self-centered to being other-centered, until we are motivated completely by love for other people. When that happens, he says, our own will (for Swedenborg “will” is what we love) is replaced by God’s.

-About Swedenborg via


The concept of surrender is when a person abides by the five main Pillars of Islam.[5] following the faith means surrendering or submitting one’s will to God. This means that Muslims in their daily life should strive for excellence under the banner of God’s will.[6] Every single action in a Muslim’s life, whether marriage or building one’s career, should theoretically be for the sake of God. -Wikipedia on

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