Use this #MindfulMonday trick: Regeneration

narcissus-ncomIt’s Monday.  The weather’s a little blah, you woke up tired, your cat made a mess on the floor, there’s something nagging your brain.  How has your week begun?  Did you yell at your spouse or kids, blame someone else for a mistake you made, have thoughts that were other than kind?  These are the things that can set us back. But they don’t have to.

Regeneration is a sensible Swedenborgian concept that all people can incorporate into their lives to help move humanity forward, spiritually. After all, we all know how one person can affect everyone around them.  In not only recognizing our wrongs, but examining ourselves, praying, and vowing to do better, we are on our way to a better week and a better heaven.

Read more about regeneration or even watch a cool video on Spiritual Detoxing from the Swedenborg Foundation.

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